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The Best Affordable Workout Clothes (That Don’t Look Cheap)

Because exercising is a costly new habit. Photo: Photo Credit: Suzanne Hanover

Exercise isn’t always the most affordable habit. Sure, running outside is free and you can easily find a well-priced gym membership. But as you start working out more and more, you begin to realize that you have specific needs in terms of gear. And soon enough, you wind up wanting a whole new wardrobe.

Don’t worry — you’re not doomed to a drawer full of ill-fitting bras or stretched-out leggings. With a little digging, you can find cute, functional workout clothes that don’t cost a ton of money. Read on for the best affordable pieces from brands like Nike and Lululemon, plus stuff that looks like it could come straight out of Outdoor Voices’ Instagram feed. The best part? Nothing is more than $70.

The Sexy Sports Bra

Amazon came out with its own line of workout clothes and it’s good. Case in point: this cheeky little sports bra.

Flattering Black Tights

We have our favorites in this category, but if those don’t do it for you, here’s another affordable pair with a high waist that’ll hold you in.

A Hot Yoga–Friendly Sports Bra

Mesh panels will help keep you cool during the sweatiest poses.

If You Like That Outdoor Voices Vibe

These highly rated tanks look like they’d fit right in with the brand’s tricolor leggings.

The Top to Get If You’re Extra Sweaty

The Tank That Will Hold Up Over Time

I bought three of these tanks two years ago and they still look immaculate, despite my crazy workouts.

A Sports Bra If You Hate Bras

Do you have a small chest? This bra is comfy and offers just enough support.

The Bargain Black Tights

At $25, you can buy a few of these and reduce your need to do laundry.

The Good Sale Find

Cheap Nike tanks do exist! This is another good option for extra-sweaty workouts like spin or yoga.

Because You Want to Workout Like Beyoncé

Get her leggings for your next dance-cardio class.

If You Hate Tank Tops

This form-fitting tee will keep you equally cool during workouts.

If You Hate Tight Tops

For the woman who wants sleeves and a looser fit.

When You Want Name-brand Black Tights

If that little Lululemon symbol on your calf is important to you, here’s a pair on discount.

When You Want Name-brand Well-Reviewed Tights

Lululemon’s Wunder Unders are much beloved, so when they go on sale, they’re worth buying.

Everyone’s Favorite Black Leggings

We’ve written about these countless times, and for good reason — everyone who has them loves them.

A Good Tee to Buy in Multiples

At $20, this is another way to stock up and avoid doing laundry.

If You Require a Little Color

Teal isn’t as jarring as neon, and this will help you break out of the cycle of all-black workout clothes.

A Cool Hoodie

Wear it with high-waisted leggings for an Instagram-friendly post-workout look.

A Preppy Hoodie

For the Tory Sport type who can’t spare the $200-plus for a hoodie.

To Match Your Lululemon Tights

Here’s a cute bra for just under $40.

If You Like to Show Off Your Bras

This longer dark-green style is particularly slick-looking.

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The Best Affordable Workout Clothes (That Don’t Look Cheap)