Christine Quinn Accuses Her Husband of Repeated Domestic Abuse

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Last month, in the span of 48 hours, Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn’s husband, Christian Dumontet, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon during a domestic dispute and arrested a second time after violating a restraining order. Following his arrests, People reported that Dumontet had requested his own restraining order against Quinn, denying her domestic-violence allegations and claiming she might try to “abduct” their 3-year-old son. The Los Angeles Superior Court temporarily denied Dumontet’s request, stating that the facts he provided “do not show a reasonable proof of a past act or acts of abuse” on Quinn’s part. Now, TMZ reports that a judge has granted Quinn a temporary restraining order against Dumontet, who the former Selling Sunset star alleges has a history of abusive behavior.

On March 19, Dumontet was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after Quinn told police he threw a bag containing glass at her during a verbal argument, which reportedly missed and hit the couple’s 3-year-old son. Following the incident, Dumontet was photographed being escorted out of the family’s home barefoot in a bathrobe and was taken into custody. According to TMZ, first responders transported the couple’s son to the hospital in an ambulance accompanied by Quinn, who the outlet reports accepted a seven-day emergency-protective order against her husband at the time.

Per TMZ, after being released on a $30,000 bond, Dumontet showed up at the couple’s Los Angeles home a day after the incident in violation of the protective order. The outlet reports that Quinn was not home at the time of the incident and was at a safe location with her son. Dumontet was charged with a misdemeanor, and a court date was set for April 10.

In Dumontet’s restraining-order request, which was obtained by People last month, he claims the couple’s March 19 argument stemmed from Quinn refusing to crate train her two dogs. Dumontet claims that after she told him she’d tried to clean up after them but was not “going to do anything further,” he grabbed a trash bag off the floor and threw it against a wall. Dumontet denies that he threw the bag toward Quinn or their son, and he claims it did not contain broken glass. He also asked a judge to restrict Quinn’s travel with their son to L.A. County, claiming she “has a history of threatening to take away or hide our children from me.” The temporary denial of Dumontet’s request is set to last until an additional court hearing on April 17.

Meanwhile, Quinn followed up the motion by filing for another temporary restraining order against Dumontet, seeking protection for herself, the couple’s son, and her two Yorkshire terriers. According to People, Quinn also sought full custody of the couple’s son without visitation rights for Dumontet, who she says she fears will move the child to France, where Dumontet is a citizen. Quinn also asked the judge to grant a move-out order against Dumontet at the couple’s Los Angeles home. “I have nowhere else to go,” says Quinn, who is seeking control of the property. “Our son has lived there all his life, and he lives with me full time.”

Quinn’s latest filing details repeated instances of alleged abuse from Dumontet, whom she describes as controlling and violent. In the days leading up to the March 19 incident, Quinn says Dumontet threw dog feces at her and urinated on the floor during an argument about his lack of financial contributions. Quinn also alleges that Dumontet faked a suicide attempt last year to “test” her love. Quinn goes on to say that in September 2023 she flew from Paris Fashion Week to meet up with Dumontet in Hungary, where she says he became angry and questioned why she needed to work when he was “providing for everything.” Quinn says Dumontet then appeared to shove handfuls of pills into his mouth and told her he was dying.

“When I asked him what he wanted me to do, he told me just stay with me,” Quinn continues, adding that she felt terrified and did not know how to call for emergency services in Hungary. After an hour, however, Quinn says Dumontet appeared sober again and told her: “You passed the test. You really do love me.”

On April 3, a judge granted Quinn’s request and ordered Dumontet to move out of the couple’s L.A. home and stay at least 100 yards away from Quinn, who currently lives alone at the residence with the couple’s son and her two dogs. The judge ordered Dumontet to stay away from them as well, though TMZ reports that he is permitted “brief contact” with Quinn to discuss court-mandated child visitation. The judge has denied Quinn’s requests regarding child-custody and property-debt payments until the couple’s April 17 hearing.

Quinn, who starred in the first five seasons of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, has been married to Dumontet since 2019. Their wedding was featured on the show’s third season. We have reached out to a representative for Quinn for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

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Christine Quinn Accuses Husband of Repeated Domestic Abuse