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46 Christmas Gifts for Any Kind of Mom

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Most likely, your mom deserves the world. Failing that, she deserves a thoughtful gift from her offspring. But it’s hard to think of that perfect thing, especially around the holidays when you’re buying for so many people. We’ve rounded up 46 of the best gifts a mom could ask for. Whether she’s recently got into bread, fashion, plants, or tiny bags, we have something that will make her think, Wow, this was worth 14 hours of labor.

A Gift for the Cozy Mom

Once someone wears a set of matching pajamas, they never go back to old sweats again.
Available in sizes XS–XL.

A Gift for the Mom Who’s Always Prepared

This is less a hand cream and more an anti-aging skin-care treatment that happens to be for hands. Yes, it (deeply) moisturizes, but also gently exfoliates for maximum softness, helps fade age spots, and boost firmness over time.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves to Entertain

This bowl deserves a spot at the table.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Silk

A pretty, elegant silk blouse you can actually afford to gift your mom.
Available in sizes 00–16.

A Gift for the Busy Mom

Once you have an instant pot, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s great for people who just want to have a nice meal and also have leave the house for extended periods of time.

A Gift for the Mom Who Is Also a Plant Mom

Get her something pretty for her other babies (her succulents).

A Gift for the Outdoorsy Mom

Blundstone boots will hold up to any terrain and are also pretty cute.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves a Night In

Forget mothers, there’s not a person in this world who would turn down a cozy, soft robe.
Available in sizes S–L.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves to Work Out

If your mom really loves the gym or yoga or spin, she could use some fun new leggings.
Available in sizes XXS–XL.

A Gift for the Mom Who Travels for Work

With an eye cream, a moisturizer, and a night cream in TSA-approved sizes, this set from A-list makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury will make her feel prepared on her next business trip.

A Gift for the Mom Who Has a Solid Skin-Care Routine

If she loves skin care as much as you do, round out her routine with some facial tools instead of upsetting the balance with another serum.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves to Dress Up


Mom gets a bit of drama and a cleaner conscience with this faux fur coat.
Available in sizes XS–L.

A Gift for the Mom Who Likes to Make a Subtle Statement

Cheetah print booties are a great shoe for the mom with a wild side — just a little wild side.

A Gift for the Yogi Mom

A pearl necklace with a jade pendant has a fashion-forward but still zen appeal.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Roses


This blend of four types of roses housed in an ultra-slim bottle is a refreshing update to the classic perfume formula.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Sparkles

Everyone can use a bit of sparkle in their everyday life. This necklace has just enough.

A Gift for the Mom Who Is Heading to the Beach

Get her a pair of sunglasses that’ll look sleek no matter where she is.

A Gift for the Mom Who Needs a Break

This incredibly indulgent bath oil’s so beautiful it’ll convince the busiest mom to take a minute or 30 to herself.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves a Good Manicure

Set her up for success with a pretty neutral shade, a glossy topcoat, and our favorite brightening hand cream in a cute little egg.

A Gift for the Mom Who Taught You Black Goes With Everything

This classic candle looks even chicer in black glass that reflects the candle flame.

A Gift for the Mom Who Walks Everywhere

If she doesn’t like sneakers but always gets her 10,000 steps in.

A Gift for the Mom Who Is Always Cold

Look at these and tell me your hands don’t feel warmer already.

A Gift for the Mom Who Knows Lipstick Is the Best Accessory

The holidays call for something special, like a lipstick in a gold, magnetized, refillable carrying case.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Keepsakes

The easiest way to make a gift feel personal is to throw an initial on it.

A Gift for the Trendy(ish) Mom

Baroque pearls are all the rage (just ask Harry Styles) and give new life to an accessory you’d expect to see at a country club. These are halfway between a super trendy and super preppy piece.

A Gift for the Mom Who Always Orders Ventis

One spritz of this is like taking that first, life-affirming sip of coffee first thing in the morning.

A Gift for the Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Want Anything

A sweater is always a good option.
Available in sizes XS–3X.

A Gift for the Mom Who Is Always on the Move

A poppy red bag is equally functional and pretty.

A Gift for the Mom Who Could Use More Spa Days

This fancy mask for the face, neck, and décolletage is as luxurious as they get.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Nora Ephron Movies

Every Ephron heroine has a crisp pair of PJs.
Available in sizes UK 4–UK 14.

A Gift for the Mom Who Likes to Multitask

This tiny table has enough room for a candle, book, and that glass of wine.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Meghan Markle

A Gift for the High-Tech Home Chef Mom

A gift for yourself, really, when she makes you some guilt-free fries.

A Gift for the Mom Who’s Always Digging for Chapstick

This magical balm gets lips to the level of dewy and glowy that your skin aspires to be.

A Gift for the Vegan Mom

If your mom is always sending you articles about the newest food trends, she’ll probably enjoy this fancy vegan protein powder.

A Gift for the Corporate Mom

Give her a gorgeous blazer that will let her inner boss shine through.
Available in sizes 00–24.

A Gift for the Brooklyn Mom

Shearling-lined clogs are a siren call for chic Brooklynites, and other well-dressed, slightly hippie people everywhere.

A Gift for the Mom Who Needs a Nice Tote

Roomy enough for everything she needs to carry but polished enough for a big meeting.

A Gift for the Mom Who Rarely Puts Her Hair Up

Yes, it’s expensive, but this is the Maserati of hair dryers. Give her the gift of smooth, damage-free hair.

A Gift for the Eco-Friendly Mom

She can be a well-dressed earth mother in an organic cotton sweater from Eileen Fisher.

A Gift for the Fancy Mom

This season will go down in history as “the year you gave mom a Prada bag.”

A Gift for the Mom Who Needs an Investment Coat

A classic parka with a removable hood is a great investment present she’ll wear every single day. Join forces with your siblings to get your mom a quality coat she’ll love.
Available in sizes 4–12.

A Gift for the Elegant Mom

Five delicate pearls on a sold and silver chain make this necklace wearable for everyday, but it still feels like a special piece.

A Gift for the Mom Who Just Got Into Making Bread

Every chef needs Le Creuset. It’s practically a commandment.

A Gift for the Social-Butterfly Mom

This jersey dress is perfect for cocktail parties, book club parties, brunches, really any kind of social engagement you’d want to look great for.
Available in sizes UK 6–UK 14.

A Gift for the Mom Who Loves Luxury

If you really want to blow her mind, try this super-delicate bracelet from a fancy jewelry company.

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46 Christmas Gifts for Any Kind of Mom