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How Cardi B’s Pianist Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe Flower

Even if you don’t know Chloe Flower by name, you definitely recognize her as the pianist who stole the show during Cardi B’s Grammy performance earlier this year. On her Instagram, you can see the musician, composer, and producer doing covers of top 40 hits and classical pieces, alongside her own collaborations with everyone from Meek Mill to Deepak Chopra.

Flower has always been diligent about her skin-care routine, but with her time in front of the camera growing every day, the musician is particularly careful about her skin-care routine — especially when it comes to her hands. She uses an eye cream to moisturize her fingers, and get them ready for close-ups. During the Grammys, the camera focused on her hands for 16 seconds before moving on to Flower’s Fouad Sarkis couture dress and Swarovski-crystal-encrusted piano. Below, the pianist walks us through the oil she relies on to remove every last bit of makeup (and once, permanent marker), and the serum she splurges on for her hands.

The Makeup Remover

“I have literally tried every make-up remover product out there and I can say nothing removes make-up better than coconut oil. I actually have removed permanent marker from my face with this. I even soak Q-Tips in it and use it to remove specific areas, like long lasting eyeliner or lip stain.”

The Cleanser

“This is my current cleanser. You have to use this on dry skin, so make sure you let the coconut oil — if you were wearing makeup — dry first. I pat this on and then I wash my face. Not only is this a Korean brand (it means ‘I love you’ in Korean) but it is all toxin-free, paraben-free, and they don’t test on animals!”

The Ointment

“When you have very dry skin like me, finding products that don’t dry you out can be nearly impossible. First I pat this all over my face, neck, jawline, and then I put it on my eyelids and under my eyes. I have really dry skin, so I have been forced to create this concoction: I love mixing the almond oil with the vitamin E gel because it creates the perfect consistency and keeps my skin hydrated and glowing for hours. It has wheat germ oil and aloe vera in it, too. It’s amazing for your face, but also for scars too.”

The Serum

“Since I am a pianist, I have to take care of my hands. I make sure that my hands get the same as my face and neck. I start with this pure hyaluronic acid, and you can get this on Amazon. I take one squirt on each hand and I pat that in. I use hyaluronic acid three to five times a week, but ONLY at night or when I know I won’t be outside because it is photosensitive.”

The Moisturizer

“This cream is one of my favorites. This brand doesn’t use any parabens. They don’t use any chemicals. Our skin is one of our biggest organs, so it is important to me to be as chemical-free as possible. I pat a little bit of this on my face and jawline and neck.”

The Hand Treatment

“It may sound crazy, but I use eye cream to moisturize my hands. I know it sounds extravagant to use it on your hands, but I’m a pianist and I get a lot of close-ups on them. The skin on my neck and hands is delicate and more prone to aging, so I like to use intense eye creams to keep them hydrated, support collagen, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.”

How Cardi B’s Pianist Gets Her Skin So Good