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18 Closet-Organization Ideas for a Beautiful, Neat Wardrobe

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The New Year can inspire you to make changes in your life. Maybe you’re resolving to work out or start a new diet. Or perhaps you’ve just watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and would rather focus on tidying up your apartment, starting with all of your clothes. That doesn’t necessarily mean purging en masse — the best closet organization ideas give your favorite pieces room to breathe courtesy of pretty wire baskets, stackable drawers, and elegant racks.

Because we’re not all as organizationally gifted as Marie Kondo’s 2-year-old, we’ve put together a list to help you overhaul your wardrobe. Your delicate fabrics (and your morning routine) will be better for it.

Use Space-Saving Hangers

These velvet-covered hangers take up less room and will hug even the most slippery clothes.

Stack Your Skirts and Pants

Tiered hangers will keep your bottoms neatly arranged no matter how tiny your closet may be.

Store Bulky Items in Boxes

Have a free space under the bed or below your hanging clothes? Use these boxes for sweaters or sweatshirts.

Invest in Clear Storage Containers

So you never have to wonder where you stashed that bathing suit.

Invest in Space-Saving Bags

These bags will attach to any vacuum, letting you compress big items like sweaters, coats, or duvets into shrunken plastic packets.

Protect the Important Stuff

For anything particularly delicate or fancy, use these bags as a dust barrier.

Hang Up Your Scarves

Are your scarves and belts in some random tangle or precariously looped through a hanger? Use this instead.

Structure Your Underwear Drawer

These spring-loaded organizers will neatly divide any drawer so you can separate your socks from your tights and bras.

Take Advantage of Your Closet Door

Whitmor OTD Shoe Bag

Hang this up and slip in your favorite shoes.

Get a Shoe Rack if You Don’t Have a Closet Door

Embrace the fact that your collection will be on full display.

Make Baskets Your Friends (Part 1)

Use it for bathing suits, T-shirts, workout clothes, or anything else that won’t fit in your dresser.

Make Baskets Your Friends (Part 2)

Since this will show off the contents more than a solid basket, use it for towels or linens.

Choose a Nice Laundry Hamper

Simple, roomy, and good-looking enough to hang out in the corner of any room.

Get a Rack If You Don’t Have a Real Closet

Choose the same rolling rack found in countless magazine closets.

If You Want, Make It a Fancy Rack

This is best if you’re good at Kondo-ing your clothes and displaying just the bare minimum.

Keep Your Trinkets in a Tray

Use it to hold your everyday jewelry.

Display Your Best Jewelry

String some delicate gold necklaces or fun earrings and pretend like you’re on Coveteur.

Install Hooks

If you can drill into your walls, a hook rack for your most-used bags and coats will streamline your mornings.

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18 Organization Ideas for a Kondo-Approved Closet