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These Are the Best Combat Boots for Women

Photo: Nabile Quenum/Nabile Quenum

Even if you hate cold weather, you have to admit that it’s fun to shop for outerwear. From furry teddy-bear coats to sporty puffers, there are plenty of ways to have a good time while bundling up. On the shoe front, though, winter is a drag. Heeled boots can be beautiful, but half the time it’s too wet and cold to wear anything but clunky snow boots.

The combat boot has been my style savior for several reasons. The rugged sole has enough traction for icy surfaces, the tall shaft keeps your ankles warm, and many of them can be just as chic as a heeled boot. Combat boots may not work for every office environment, but on the weekends, the right pair can you take you to just about any occasion.

Whether you’re in the market to splurge on a designer pair that will last you a lifetime or looking for cheap durable ones for right now, shop below for our favorites.

The Edgy Boot

Dr. Martens Jadon
From $150

I’d own two pairs of these boots if I could — they’re just that good. Dr. Martens are notoriously stiff until you break them in properly (which can take a while), but these at least have a side zipper for extra convenience.

The Boot for Hiking (Around the City)

You probably shouldn’t wear these to trek up an actual mountain, but they add an outdoorsy flair when you’re running around town.

The Sleek Pair

The Trendy Ones

The Fuzzy Pair

The furry lining will keep you extra toasty.

The Boots for Street-Style Aspirants

The Everyday Pair

No bells or whistles, just a solid pair of leather combat boots.

If You’re Not Afraid of Dirt

An all-white pair of combat boots is a special thing.

If You Mostly Wear Black

The laces lighten up a tough silhouette.

The One You Can Wear With Skirts

The stretchy fit makes them a bit more feminine — less of a juxtaposition to skirts and dresses.

If You Love Winter White

The sole is sturdy enough to handle an inch or two of snow, but the white upper keeps things cool.

The Ones that Are Covered in Pearls

The unexpected studding makes this boot one-third pretty and two-thirds punk.

If You Want More Height

If you absolutely must wear heels, get ones with traction.

The Subtly Sexy Pair

The leather laces and slightly pointed toe give these a slight dominatrix vibe.

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