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The 16 Best Combat Boots for Women

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Even if you aren’t a fan of cold weather, it can be fun to shop for winter clothes, especially since we’re all spending more time outside these days. From fun coats to heeled boots, there are plenty of ways to have a good time while bundling up. But mustering the desire to wear high-heeled shoes is hard these days, and house shoes, while cozy, aren’t the smartest choice once the snow starts falling.

Year after year, you can’t go wrong with a pair of combat boots. They never go out of style and their rugged soles have enough traction for icy surfaces. Plus, the tall shafts keep your ankles warm and some can be just as chic as a heeled boot. The right pair can work with nearly any outfit, now that “work clothes” are decidedly more casual.

Whether you’re in the market to splurge on a designer pair that will last you a lifetime or looking for inexpensive durable ones for right now, shop below for our favorites.

The Quintessential Combat Boot

You can’t go wrong with Docs. Even though they’re notoriously stiff until you break them in properly (but now’s the time do that!), these at least have a side zipper for extra convenience.

The Boot for Hiking (Around the City)

These add an outdoorsy flair when you’re running around town.

The Sleek Pair

These are an affordable version of The Row’s elegant combat boots. They’ll look good with slouchy trousers and jeans alike.

The Trendy Ones

Get your feet wet (figuratively, of course) on the chunky sole trend with these boots.

The Fuzzy Pair

The furry lining will keep you extra toasty.

The Discount Find That Looks Expensive

The Insta-Worthy Boots

The Everyday Pair

No bells or whistles, just a sturdy pair of leather combat booties.

If You’re Not Afraid of Dirt

If You Mostly Wear Black

Color-phobes know that it comes down to textures and details to make an all-black outfit look thoughtful. These clompy boots are a smart contrast to sleek dresses and slim trousers.

The One You Can Wear With Skirts

A slim fitting shaft is extra flattering and works better with skirts and dresses.

For the Winter White Lover

The sole is sturdy enough to handle an inch or two of snow, but the white upper keeps things cool.

If You’re Indecisive

If you’re stuck deciding between a pair of thigh-highs or combats, here’s a very stylish medium.

If You Want More Height

If you absolutely must wear heels, get ones with traction.

The Slightly Punk Pair


This is what people mean when they say to stomp in your combat boots.

If You Want to Unleash Your Inner Idol

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The 16 Best Combat Boots for Women