Dakota Johnson Hated Her Appearance on The Office

Photo: NBC/Peacock

Dakota Johnson is in the full swing of the Madame Web press tour, and naturally, delivering viral moment after viral moment. Between clarifying that she doesn’t see anything weird with her highly memed spiders line from the film’s trailer, and letting us know where she stands on the never-ending nepo baby discourse, she revealed she didn’t find guest starring on The Office all that exciting.

Talking to Seth Meyers on Wednesday, Johnson joked that playing an accountant named Dakota on The Office’s finale in 2013 — two years before her big break in Fifty Shades of Grey — “was honestly the worst time of my life.” As a fan of the show, she was thrilled to be asked to star in the finale, but the experience wasn’t what she thought it would be. “They were like, ‘Do you want to be in the series finale?’ And I was like, ‘Of course,’ thinking that I’d show up for like half a day. I was there for two weeks. And I’m barely in the fucking show.”

When Meyers (who also guest starred in the finale) asked Johnson if everyone on the set was “super sad” since they were filming the final episode, she said: “They were sad and there were weird dynamics that had been going on for the last ten years. Some people didn’t speak to each other. And I’m coming in like, ‘So excited to be here!’ No one wanted to talk to me. No one gave a fuck … I was like in the background of all of these scenes, faxing things.”

Madame Web hits theaters on February 14, meaning there’s still plenty of time for Johnson to keep going viral.

Dakota Johnson Hated Her Appearance on The Office