Remi Bader Is Going Through Her First Breakup

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Remi Bader is officially single again. In February, the fashion influencer posted a cryptic TikTok video alluding to the fact that her boyfriend of two years, Keyveat Postell, had broken up with her via text. But about as soon as she posted the video she deleted it, prompting questions among her followers. Then, a few days later, Postell was reportedly spotted on Hinge — which Bader’s fans took as further evidence of the breakup.

“When he says doing it over text is easier for him than doing it in person after almost 2 years together,” Bader wrote on the now-deleted video which showed her sobbing as Olivia Rodrigo’s “vampire” played in the background. Even though Bader quickly removed the video, TikTokers had already screen-recorded and reshared it to TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit. On TikTok, where Bader has 2.3 million followers, people offered Bader kind words, especially after someone shared a video of a Hinge profile that appears to belong to Postell.

On Tuesday, Bader confirmed that she and Postell — whom she called her first boyfriend — broke up. In her teary TikTok video she also explained why she deleted her last video. “I am not going to be the person to badmouth someone online that’s been in my life for almost two years,” she said. “This is someone I thought I was gonna marry. This was my best friend. I’ve never been so close to someone in my life.” Bader said she was posting this new video because she’s now “a little bit more stable.”

Bader — who skyrocketed to fame for her realistic plus-size fashion try-on videos — and Postell began dating in 2022. From the beginning, the couple was plagued by rumors that their relationship was fake. Trolls said Postell was only dating Bader to benefit from her fame, claiming that because he was thin and conventionally attractive, he couldn’t be genuinely interested in a plus-size woman. Speaking on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast in September, Bader said the bullying did get to her: “We post funny things together and then people are just like, ‘Clearly he’s being paid to be with her; there’s no way such a good-looking guy could be with a girl like that. He has to be using her,’” she said. “Whatever it is. That can’t not get to someone.”

On Tuesday, Bader said she has no regrets about the relationship and she learned a lot from it. “I know I’ll be okay. I just think, for me, it’ll take time.”

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Remi Bader Is Going Through Her First Breakup