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Where Will Donna Kelce Sit at the Super Bowl?

Photo: Cooper Neill//Getty Images

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and there’s one question that’s at the top of everyone’s mind. You know what I’m talking about. It’s about where America’s Sweetheart is going to sit during the game. That’s right, Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna, apparently doesn’t yet know where she’ll be watching the big game. On Wednesday, Donna told the Today show that she might be mingling with the hoi polloi on Super Bowl Sunday.

“You can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multimillion dollars, so I have a feeling I’m not in a box,” she said. “I have a feeling I’m in the stands; so far as I know, I’m in the stands with everybody else, because it is a pricey Super Bowl.”

What does that mean, she “has a feeling”? She should know by now! Why hasn’t her son or his billionaire girlfriend sorted that out for her yet? If not them, then Ziploc should be paying for her to sit in a box and take all the leftovers home in a gallon-size bag.

Mrs. Kelce seems remarkably chill about not knowing where she’ll be sitting for a game that’s in only a few days. Travis, on the other hand, is stressing a little more.

“I’m not really doing much different other than just counting how much money I’m spending on this damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come,” he said on an episode of his podcast on Thursday. No mention of whether or not those friends and family will be in a suite, which is where we’ve gotten used to seeing them during the regular NFL season. However, a regular-season suite at Arrowhead Stadium is about $20,000 (a reasonable price we could all pay, of course). That makes sense for a guy like Kelce, who is reportedly worth around $40 million. The going price for a suite at this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas is as much as $2.5 million. Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas City anymore.

The obvious answer to all of this is that Taylor Swift should just pay for it. She recently sold one of her private jets, so I’m pretty sure she has the extra cash.

Where Will Donna Kelce Sit at the Super Bowl?