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Gift of the Day: Luxuriously Soft Pajamas

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

It’s become an annual ritual: Every Christmas, my grandmother gives me a new pair of pajamas. This has made me a pajama connoisseur. I know which are worth skipping and which are worth splurging on. And Eberjey is definitely worth the money.

The brand has long been an editor favorite because its sets are always made of the softest fabrics. I especially like this one because it doesn’t obviously look like sleepwear — instead, it fits into the ambiguous “loungewear” category. You (or your giftee) could wear it to the bodega for a weekend bacon-egg-and-cheese, and then settle in on the couch for an SVU marathon without wanting to change into something more comfortable.

Made out of soft jersey material that doesn’t cling too close to the body, it’s precisely the right amount of cozy and airy. From the wide neckline to elastic cuffs at the hems, the details are all cute and functional. And should you want to venture outside, just throw on a black anorak or puffer coat and hiking boots for an outfit that’s basically street-appropriate.

At a little bit less than $140, it’s not cheap, but it’s also not one of those $400 “fashion pajama” sets. Buy it in a black-and-white polka-dotted print for a subtle nod to the holidays, or go minimal with a version in solid black.

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Gift of the Day: Luxuriously Soft Pajamas