Elizabeth Holmes and Jen Shah Are Having a Shah-mazing Time in Prison

Photo: The Cut. Photos: Getty Images

In a shock to absolutely no one, convicted scammers Elizabeth Holmes and Jen Shah have apparently “bonded” in prison, according to People. The magazine reports that between “graduating” from anger-management classes, tutoring fellow inmates who want to get GEDs, and teaching a workout class called “Shahmazing Abs,” Shah, 49, has somehow found time to take on a “motherly role” for 38-year-old Holmes inside the Bryan, Texas, facility. That’s according to the former Housewives star’s rep, at least.

“Their situations brought them together, and they have a good understanding of one another. They’re getting through it together,” Chris Giovanni, Shah’s rep, said.

Now, on the occasion of Holmes’s 40th birthday, which will be celebrated behind bars, Twitter users think they may have spotted the trauma-bonded friends together in paparazzi shots posted by the Daily Mail. Both outfitted in khaki prison suits, Holmes can be seen walking and smiling down at a shorter woman with a slicked-back bun in the prison yard. And while the woman’s face is blurred, Housewives fans will know that high buns are an aesthetic signature of none other than Jen Shah. Though we cannot say definitively whether the blurry woman is the same woman who traumatized an entire cast of Salt Lake City housewives, I can certainly imagine that woman talking Holmes’s ear off about one of her eight former assistants or her counterfeit handbags that she misses very much.

Giovanni previously said Holmes — who last year began her nine- to 11-year stint for defrauding investors in her medical-device company, Theranos — has been taking Shah’s workout class. Meanwhile, a more “peaceful” Shah — who is serving a 6.5-year sentence for her involvement in a telemarketing scheme — has apparently met and held Holmes’s baby, Invicta. She’s also been giving Holmes “a lot of advice,” Giovanni claimed. The precise nature of that advice remains unclear, but the rep added that both women are “rehabilitating and have bonded over being on this journey of positive change” together. Shah-mazing for them!

Elizabeth Holmes and Jen Shah Are Having a Shah-mazing Time