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17 Flower Alternatives to Shop for Valentine’s Day

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Flowers? Not that groundbreaking come Valentine’s Day. Instead of waiting until the very last minute to grab a bouquet from Whole Foods or the bodega near your apartment (no shade, but your partner deserves more than that!), consider a few alternatives. Every year, that very beautiful bouquet ends up in next week’s trash, so why not gift something just as good but a little more permanent?

We’ve rounded up faux bouquets that are just as pretty but far more sustainable. From bouquets you can build on your own to roses that will last the year, read on to shop our favorite flower bouquet alternatives.

The DIY Ones

If it’s good enough for A$AP Rocky to gift Rihanna, we’re sure they will appreciate this building kit. It’s an activity, a kind gesture, and a piece of décor — we’d call that a win.

If you’d really like to commit to Lego décor, there are several flower- and plant-building kits like this one of an orchid. These have hundreds of pieces — perfect if their love language is quality time.

If you want something more traditional, Lego also offers a rose bouquet kit, which even comes accented with baby’s breath. It’s nearly a thousand pieces but it’ll keep you both busy on date nights in. You can also buy a smaller rose kit (just over 100 pieces) if you don’t have hours to dedicate to a bouquet.

The Dried Ones

Specializing in dried bunches and bouquets, Idlewild offers a handful of pretty and vibrant options. The Sweetheart bouquet features some holiday-appropriate pink accents and comes in a larger size if you’re willing to splurge. If you want to do your V-Day gifting all at once, the brand also has gift bags and baskets.

You probably know 1-800 Flowers for its fresh flowers, but it offers a few dried and preserved options. This blend of pampas, eucalyptus, and a variety of pink and cream florals is not only thoughtful, it makes a chic décor piece.

The Bouqs Co. offers a handful of dried flower arrangements, but we’re partial to this pretty pink bouquet. Their vases cost an extra $10, but we think you should go all out and grab your own hot-pink vase elsewhere. Maybe a fun vintage one from Etsy? Some thoughts!

For the stoner, Lovepot offers vibrant shades and a little something extra. As the name suggests, these smokable bouquets come with CBD (THC-free) you can smoke if you want this to be more than just décor.

No watering, no sunlight, and probably no throwing these out. Ever. Dried-flower bouquets deserve a space next to those other last-minute gifts. This bouquet from Urban Stems isn’t your usual dozen roses, but they’ll go with any type of decor all year-round.

Sometimes you need that Prime two-day shipping. Luckily, like everything else, Amazon has dried bouquets and lots of reviews to read through.

Along with beginner-friendly plants, the Sill offers a handful of dried bouquets and bunches to gift and decorate with. With splashes of pink and pampas grass, this mauve arrangement is a little understated, but we think it’s perfect for the minimalist.

The Paper Ones

Similar to dry flowers, these are going to last forever, as long as you keep them away from open flames. These handcrafted roses are made from thin crêpe paper, so they’ll have a more realistic look and texture.

From afar, these crêpe-paper peonies look like the real thing without all the maintenance. A bouquet will set you back $80, but, again, it will last forever.

The Ones That Will Last Forever (Sort Of)

They usually get to admire their fresh flowers for three days before they wilt, but these “eternity flowers” are a permanent alternative. Coming in several colors, from the standard red and pink to gold or blue, these last about a year. Typically, they come in a box, but options like this porcelain vase are far more fitting for a permanent desk or coffee table spot.

If you don’t want to spend as much, these mini boxes feature tiny roses that will fit perfectly on their desk.

If you want to switch up the color palette a bit, Magnificent Roses offers its preserved flowers in a few color combos. These last about a year and come in this little hatbox they can store on their table.

Lean into the holiday theme with Rose Box NYC’s preserved roses in a heart-shaped box. Go with the standard red or customize it with their favorite colors.

Flowers are often one small part of the eventful day, if you’re planning on gifting another small token of your affection, consider these preserved roses encased in this acrylic drawer.

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