3 Great Wine Pairings for a Summer Picnic

What are the best food and wine pairings for a summer picnic? New York–based wine expert Alexis Schwartz shares three wines to drink with her favorite takeout dumplings in the video above. She hosts a wine pairing party called Thirsty Thirsty and works as a sales representative at the Brooklyn-based wine importer Zev Rovine Selections. Below, check out a shopping list with her thoughts on each item.

The Best Dumplings: Wu’s Wonton King
165 E. Broadway, nr. Rutgers St.; dumplings start at $2.99 (menu)

“Wu’s has become a mainstay of my Chinatown orbit. They do great daytime take out for dumplings and a magical peking duck. It’s also a very hospitable BYOB spot. The Dimes hot sauce is next-level mango spicy perfection, too!”

The Best Bubbly: Zanotto Col Fondo
$12, Montebelluna, Italy

“Zanotto is an Italian winemaker that makes a stellar wine from Glera, the grape used to make prosecco. Owner Riccardo Zanotto farms bio-dynamically and looks for full-fruit maturity, so his glera is full of flavor. It’s like an apricot nectar spritz — the fruit plays with the food like homemade sweet-and-sour sauce. The cuvée is even called Rude, irresistible.”

Strawberry Rosé Wine: Weingut Schmitt’s Spatburgunder Rose
$25, Dirmsteiner Herrgottsacker, Germany

“A favorite up-and-coming German producer. Weingut Schmitt makes textured wines from native German grapes, wine styles like I’ve never seen come out of the country before. This blend rosé swoops you up in full strawberry fruit, rose petal notes, and enough structure to handle spice and deep soy flavors.”

A Spicy French Red Wine: Benjamin Taillandier Laguzelle
$17, Minervois, France

“Laguzelle is a juicy herbaceous red wine from southwest France. Benjamin Taillandier is situated in boar country, where wild herbs dot the red-rock landscape — that’s where he grows biodynamic Syrah, Cinsault, and Carignan vines. The wine is a little spicy too, but a juicy semi-carbonic expression keeping this fresh and bright.”

3 Wine Pairings for a No-Brainer Summer Picnic