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19 Best Gift Ideas Under $50 That Aren’t Boring

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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If gift giving is your love language, well then, congratulations! You’re already a step ahead — because for the rest of us, holiday gifting can be incredibly stressful. But no matter how you feel about the gift-giving season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away, so it’s definitely time to start building out that holiday shopping list.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect game-changing beauty product for your skin-care-obsessed friend or a new craft project for your indoors-y sister, this assortment has you covered. Just remember to pace yourselves and drink plenty of electrolytes — it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Below, you’ll find the best affordable gift ideas under $50 for everyone on your list.

The Wardrobe Staple

Say hello to the perfect crewneck T-shirt. It’s comfortable, breathable, and stretchy, and it comes in a wide variety of colorways.

The Ultimate Rainbow Chocolate Sampler

In addition to making delicious chocolate, Tony’s is also a B Corp– and fair-trade-certified company that works to make chocolate production more ethical worldwide.

A TikTok-Famous Facial Spray

Hyped for soothing everything from acne to eczema to general irritation.

A Buzzy New Novel

Photo: FX

As gripping as it is poignant – the perfect gift for bookworms.

Food-for-Thought Puzzle

It doubles as a work of art upon completion.

For the Skin-care Lover

Sea Buckthorn is emerging as a must-have ingredient in your skin-care routine — and Ayurvedic brands have already mastered it. This lightweight oil helps boost radiance, strengthen the skin barrier, and improve skin tone.

Crown Affair’s Buzzy Leave-In

A Healthier, Tastier Hazelnut Spread

$32 for 2

Not only is the packaging chicer, but the ingredients are also much more thoughtful — using olive oil in lieu of Nutella’s palm oil and cutting out half the sugar.

Darn, That’s Cute!

This wooden mushroom would be a no-brainer gift even if its sole purpose were just to stand around and look adorable, but it’s also a clever darning tool.

Cozy Felted Wool Slippers

They come in 20 different colors.

Seven Pre-Rolled Mini Joints

Each has .3 grams of CBG White, a premium strain of hemp flower known for its energizing effects and “cognitive enhancing” potential.

Nice and Toasty


Crafted by hand, a jaunty red toast rack with twisted-rope detailing.

For a Better Buzz

Cann is crafted with THC and CBD, making it the ultimate alcohol alternative that provides an energetic yet mellow buzz.

The All-in-One Beauty Product

This rich multi-cream is ultrahydrating for skin, hair, and nails. It has a subtle palo santo scent.

For the Cool Hostess

These marble-and-brass bowls are stylish but neutral enough to match any host’s tablescape.

The Reusable Tote

This reusable tote is all of our favorite things: pretty, practical, and sustainable.

For the Aspiring Chef

Ideal for the at-home chef who wants to record their own recipes, this super-cute journal is what culinary dreams are made of.

A Fancy Incense Burner

The latest trend in fragrance is leaning into holistic scent alternatives. This piece holds incense sticks and acts as an art piece, too.

Not-So-Bare Necessities

Spanx Fit-to-You Brief

Practical? Yes. Exciting? Also yes! Really good underwear is the key to any polished look (especially holiday dresses), and these from Spanx are some of the best. They’re soft, smoothing, and totally invisible under clothing.

19 Best Gift Ideas Under $50 That Are Actually Fun