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The Best Gifts for Co-workers Under $30

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Co-workers: They become your friends without you noticing. Whether you interact with them every day or only bump into them when there’s free food up for grabs, you probably know more about them than you think you do. So when the holidays come around, you can’t help but want to give them a little something. (Maybe you’re even involved in a White Elephant or other holiday party scheme that makes this kind of gifting compulsory — not to mention public. Aah!)

That’s why we hunted down the 31 best gifts under $30 for every type of colleague. From your work wife to your desk-mate to the intern, we’ve got budget-friendly options for everyone who makes your 9–5 a bit more bearable.

P.S. Looking for gifts for your dad, your mom, or literally any man? We’ve got those, too.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Wants to Take Better Selfies in 2019

LuMee Original Phone Case

This Kim Kardashian West–approved case will make her look good, even if your boss catches her taking selfies on company time.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who’s Obsessed with the Huji Filter

Fujifilm Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash 400 35MM Disposable Camera

Nothing will make your nostalgia-loving co-worker happier than an actual disposable camera that isn’t an app.  

A Gift for the Hypebeast in Your Work Life

FILA UO Exclusive Sneaker Keychain

You can never have enough kicks. Even if they’re miniature and only hang from your work bag.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Can’t Stop Talking About Their Puppy

Aspen Pet Lebistro Gravity Waterer

There’s always someone in your office who gets a four-legged friend for the holidays. This gift will help them keep Fido fed — and remind them that you’re always up for seeing more dog pictures.

A Gift for the Co-worker With the Messy Desk

Standard Baggu in Blue Gingham

This will let her bring all her stuff home in style.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who’s a Trendsetter

Lurex Franca Ankle Socks

If her wardrobe is super trendy, get her a pair of sparkly socks — even if she already owns a pair, she’ll always appreciate more.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Always Talks About Her Sixth Sense

The Illuminated Tarot

According to myth, your first Tarot deck should be gifted. So do your psychic colleague a favor and give her this pretty set.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Needs to Have a Ponytail to Get Stuff Done

Velvet Scrunchies

Is it scientifically proven that wearing a ponytail helps you concentrate? Who knows? What we do know is that your ponytail-loving colleague will appreciate this gift.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Works Out Every Morning

Contigo AutoSeal Cortland Water Bottle

Weird morning flex but ok. Give them this water bottle to keep them hydrated while they exercise and you hit the snooze button for the 15th time.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who’s Always Stealing Your Charger

Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger

Say good-bye to all those passive-aggressive questions about your battery life.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who’s Always on Your Wavelength When It Comes to GIFs

Bestie Pin

We all have that one work buddy who solely communicates via GIF. Tell them you love their internet-addled brain with this cute pin.

A Gift for the Co-worker You Don’t Know All That Well

Goober Candle

Candles are always a safe bet, but most of them are kind of boring. Not this bulbous little guy, though!

A Gift for the Colleague Who’s Always Up for Happy Hour

The Cut - Going Out Top Tee

Because who doesn’t need a going-out top in a pinch?

A Gift for Your Most Millennial Co-worker

Glossier You Solid Perfume

It’s Millennial pink, it smells good, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Need we say more?

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Takes Her Skin Very Seriously

Natural Jade Massage Roller

Help them amp up their beauty routine with this jade face roller.

A Gift for the Kind Colleague Who Takes Care of Everyone’s Plants

Plant Mister

They’ve been saving your office plants with their water bottles, so it’s time to acknowledge their hard work with a nicer spritzer.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Bought Metal Straws Over the Summer

Hydro Flask 12-Ounce Coffee Mug

It’s only natural that their next foray into eco-friendly caffeine consumption would be a reusable coffee mug.

A Gift for the One Who Still Drinks Iced Coffee During the Winter

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Speaking of metal straws: They’re the best possible gift for someone who regularly flouts seasonal coffee norms.

A Gift for the New Employee With the Empty Desk

Paper Vase

It’s simple, but it’s a good decorating start.

A Gift for the Co-worker With a Long Commute

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

So that they can finally listen that podcast you love — and talk to you about it when things get slow at the office.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who’s Always Stressed

Wild White Sage Bundle

The scent of burning sage should help them calm down. Just don’t set off the office sprinklers.

A Gift for the Co-worker Whose Company Card Is Always Getting Lost in Her Enormous Bag

Pocket Card Holder

Her life (and the life of everybody else in the office who goes to lunch with her) will be changed forever with this handy case.

A Gift for the Co-worker With a Killer Jewelry Collection

Glossy Hoop Earrings

Sure, she probably already owns plenty of hoop earrings. But she’ll probably have room for more.

A Gift for the Co-worker Whose Bag Is Always Stocked With Supplies

TONYMOLY Peach Hand Cream

They’ll appreciate this cute and easy-to-find hand cream.

A Gift for the Work Wife Who Seems to Have Everything

Modernist Coloring Book

Perfect for when she needs to log off of Twitter.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Loves Co–Star

Zodiac Catch-All Dish

No matter what planet is in retrograde during the holiday season, this is a nice stocking stuffer.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Just Cut Her Hair

Mixed Pendant Earrings

These will look so good with her new do.

A Gift for the Co-worker Who Has Reading Glasses and Computer Glasses

Denim Glasses Case

This gift will make sure he never misplaces them.

A Gift for the Colleague Who Always Complains About the Temperature of the Office

Essential Oil Diffuser and Fine Mist Humidifier

This humidifier will make their desk a little cozier.

A Gift for the Colleague Who’s Always Going on Business Trips

Leather Travel Passport Holder

Nothing says “We’re all very jealous of your job” like a classy passport holder.

A Gift for the Colleague Who Likes Surprises

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

This incredibly tiny package unfolds to be a picnic blanket.

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31 Cute and Affordable Gifts for Co-workers