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35 Gifts for Every Type of Employee

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If you’re the boss, finding the right gifts for your employees can be fraught with questions: How much do you spend? Should you spend the same amount of money on each person? And if you don’t know someone well, how do you make sure they like the gift while still keeping it professional?

To be clear, managers don’t have to give their staff members gifts, but it’s a nice gesture if you want to do it — and in some offices it’s very much expected. (Although keep in mind that managers should never expect or encourage gifts from employees. Because of the power dynamics involved, gifts at work should flow down, not up.)

If you decide to buy gifts for your staff, the question of how much to spend will vary by office. If you’re a partner at a big law firm, you might be spending a few hundred dollars on your assistant (or even more); if you’re a manager at a nonprofit, it might be more like $10 a person. So know your office (and if you’re unsure, ask other managers what they’re doing), but whatever you spend, keep it roughly equivalent for each person on your team. Don’t play favorites; people will notice if one person gets an iPad and another gets a scented candle.

So what should you actually get people? Below, we hunted down 35 ideas for everyone on your team.

For the employee who’s always cold

USB Heated Fingerless Gloves

For offices that get chilly in the winter, these fingerless gloves plug into a USB port to heat up and keep hands toasty warm — and they’re fingerless, so they won’t impede typing.

For the employee who’s always hot

Ultra Slim Desktop Oscillating Fan

Give your overheated employee the gift of personal climate control with this 12-inch fan, which can sit atop a desk. (It might give your other employees the gift of a break from battles over the thermostat.)

For the employee who keeps saying she wants to bring lunch from home

Bento Lunch Box Set with Insulating Bag

Who wouldn’t want to bring their lunch in this sturdy, insulated Japanese-style Bento box set? Equipped with two stackable containers and a small container for sauces or dressings, it makes keeping foods separate easy — and the pieces can be popped straight into the microwave.

For the employee whose desk is a mess

Finelnno Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This mini vacuum picks up crumbs, dirt, and lint, and can even be used to suction dirt out of a keyboard. Plus it comes in various colors, including, yes, millennial pink.

For the intern

Nero Manetti leather padfolio

If your intern still lugs a backpack to meetings, help her feel more professional with a really nice padfolio, like this zippered one made from vegan leather. It’s got 12 pockets, two penholders, a tablet sleeve, a phone sleeve, and more.

For the person who thinks they know everything

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

This is classic Trivial Pursuit on steroids — with questions that are both more challenging and more numerous.

For the employee who has an aromatherapy mister at her desk

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pink Himalayan salt is supposed to be known for its therapeutic, stress-relieving, and air-purifying properties. Plus they’re really cool-looking and would look nice on your wellness-loving employee’s desk.

For the employee who works from home

Keurig single-serve coffee maker

With no communal office coffee pot around, this single-serve coffee maker will keep your remote employee stocked with coffee, without requiring them to brew up an entire pot.

For the employee who runs the office book club

Less, by Andrew Sean Greer

This comic novel — about a writer who, in an effort to avoid an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, accepts a year’s worth of invitations to literary events around the world — won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction this year.

For the employee who works from home whenever it snows

Brielle Faux Fur Oversized Throw

This faux-fur throw is crazy soft and cozy, and feels like being wrapped in luxury. I have my own, and everyone who comes to my house goes straight to it and then wants to buy one themselves.

For the employee who insists on coming in sick

Mini Mist Humidifier

You should really send her home, but if she at the office anyway, she’ll appreciate this desk-sized personal humidifier that makes winter colds less awful.

For the employee whose phone is always dying

Bamboo Wood Charging Station

This bamboo charging station can charge multiple phones and tablets all at once.

For the employee who goes to every Marvel movie on opening night

Baby Groot Pen Holder

This six-inch-high Groot can be used to store pens or other supplies — it can even function as a desk planter, so that flora sprouts from his head.

For the employee who brings in amazing baked goods

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

Not only is this rolling pin beautiful, but because it’s made from solid marble, it helps keep dough cool, and won’t absorb odors from food.

For the employee who does yoga on lunch breaks

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

This stylish and durable bag fits two small yoga mats, or it can be used to carry towels and other yoga accessories.

For the employee who drinks the strongest coffee in the office

Death Wish Coffee, Valhala Java Bean

This is strong coffee. One reviewer calls it “1300’s Europe in a cup,” and another says it’s “darker than the night before the coming of Ragnarok.”

For the employee with tons of office plants

Bonsai Starter Kit

This kit contains everything you need to grow four different types of bonsai trees (one is flaming red!), including biodegradable growing pots, soil discs, organic seeds, bonsai clippers, and step-by-step instructions.

For the employee who organizes your office’s March Madness

Mug with a Hoop

This is a basketball hoop in mug form! Toss marshmallows or other toppings through the hoop like a champion.

For the employee who was chastised by IT for streaming too much music on the office Wi-Fi

Sony Professional Headphones

These lightweight headphones with a closed-eye design and generous padding were engineered to be comfortable to wear for long periods, and they’re high-quality enough to be used by professional broadcasters.

For the employee who’s always traveling for work

Bluetooth Luggage Tracker

This Bluetooth tracker tag will ensure your employee knows where her luggage is at all times — and it will even send an alert to her phone if the luggage is outside of a safe distance. The tag can double as a phone tracker or keys tracker too.

For the employee who’s always cracking everyone up

Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live

This oral history of Saturday Night Live is a fascinating, detailed account of the show from the beginning, including its fights with censors, the rivalries among its stars, gossip about celebrity hosts, and how the writing happens.

For the employee who just did Toastmasters

The World’s Greatest Speeches, edited by Lewis Copeland

This compilation of 292 great speeches in history goes back to ancient Greece and all the way up to modern speeches.

For the employee who’s always on her phone.

Isotoner Stretch Leather Touchscreen Gloves

These cozy, stylish gloves are designed so that you can text with them on — meaning your employee won’t freeze when she’s texting outside this winter.

For the employee with framed cat photos on her desk

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

As someone with too many cats myself, the key to a good gift for a cat lover is to give something to the kitties rather than to their owner. This kit will grow a bundle of grass that cats are weirdly drawn to.

For the employee who’s always drinking tea

Teabloom All Beverage Tumbler

This flask functions as a tea infuser, hot beverage thermos, fruit water infuser, and more. It’s got a stainless steel filter to brew both hot and cold tea, with a removable sleeve for insulation.

For the employee who’s always running from meeting to meeting

Anker Powercore Portable Charger

The high-speed, pocket-sized charger holds a charge for seven days, so your employee can easily recharge her devices while she’s on the go. It can charge an iPhone almost seven times before it needs to be recharged.

For the employee who just got promoted

Waterman Black Fountain Pen

Give your employee the pleasure of writing with a really nice pen. This one writes beautifully, looks luxurious, and reviewers agree it’s a joy to use.

For the employee with the crazy long commute

Three-Month Audible Subscription

A long commute can seem much shorter when you’ve got something interesting to listen to. An Audible membership gives your employees a free audio book each month (she chooses the title) — and if it turns out she already has an account, it’ll add those credits to her existing membership.

For the employee who’s always quoting movies

Roku Media Player

A Roku makes it easy to stream video content to a TV from the internet — so that you can watch movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other video providers. Your employee may never leave her house again.

For the employee with the beautifully decorated office

Rose Gold 5 in 1 Metal Desk Organizing Set

This elegant five-in-one rose gold desk organizer set includes a hanging file organizer, file tray, letter sorter, pencil holder, and sticky note holder.

For the employee who sings at her desk

Sweet Symphony Allover Music Notes Scarf

This pretty, lightweight scarf is covered in musical notes and comes in black, red, or white.

For the introvert on your team

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

The work world can often seem designed for extroverts (witness: brainstorming sessions and holiday parties), but Susan Cain’s much-lauded book Quiet explores the strengths of the introverts and proposes that we change the way we see them — and the way we experience being them.

For the employee who always burns popcorn in the office microwave

Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

This popcorn seasoning variety pack lets you top your popcorn with the flavors of white cheddar, caramel, kettle corn, sriracha, cracked pepper asiago, and even dill pickle.

For the employee who bikes to work

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

This is the Swiss army knife of bike repair! It includes 19 tools for common roadside bike repairs, including multiple sizes of hex wrenches, open wrenches, and screwdrivers, a Torx driver for disc breaks, and a universal chain tool, all made of high-tensile steel and enclosed in a lightweight aluminum case.

For the new employee you don’t know yet

Gift Cards

When you really don’t know an employee yet, and don’t have a sense of what kind of gift they’d truly appreciate, a gift card with a wide range of applications is a good choice. (“Wide range of applications” means: don’t get the person a gift card to, say, a wine store, since it might turn out they don’t drink. Online shopping meccas like Amazon are a safer choice.)

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35 Gifts for Every Type of Employee