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Christmas Gifts to Buy Literally Any Man in Your Life

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So you need to buy a man a gift, and you’re stumped. Maybe you barely know him and you’re not sure of his taste; maybe you’ve been dating him for a decade and you’ve run out of creative ideas. Maybe it’s your dad, because we all know dads are impossible to shop for. Regardless of the man or the occasion, here are 29 foolproof gifts for men, from a bag he’ll actually use to a high-quality speaker you can buy on Amazon for just over $100.

A Gift for the Man With a Cold Head

This hat has becoming an unspoken classic — just ask every single stylish guy walking around New York City. It’s not too late to get in on the trend. And if orange isn’t his thing, there’s 35 other colors to choose from.

A Gift for the Man Who Wants to Look Like JFK

Warby Parker Wayfairs are good for people who spend a lot of time in the sun, people who like the ’60s, people who want to support a company that does some good in the world, and pretty much anyone in between.

A Gift for the Man Who Loves to Cook

Impress the recipient by telling him about the high-carbon stainless steel and ergonomic handle.

A Gift for the Man With a Velcro Wallet

Be the person to upgrade him. Everyone should have a quality double billfold leather wallet.

A Gift for the Man Who Is Always Chill

An olive green tee to match his zen personality.

A Gift for the Man Who Hates Pants

When paired with the right sneaker and a more subtle shirt, these Krost sweats look cool and pulled-together. Plus, the brand is donating proceeds to Eden Reforestation Projects and planting 10,000 trees.

A Gift for the Man Who Needs to Learn How to Cook

Maybe he just started college or moved out on his own. Either way, if you know someone who is just getting the hang of “adulting,” a slow-cooker is a gift he’ll be grateful for.

A Gift for the Man With an MBA

Yes, this tie has dogs. But the beauty of Ferragamo ties is that the whimsical designs are so tidily placed into geometric patterns that from a distance it just looks like an amazing, smart tie.

A Gift for the Man in Your Bed

A Gift for the Relaxed Creative Guy

A comfy and stylish button down for a relaxed guy whose workplace has casual Friday every day.

A Gift for the Man Who Travels All the Time

This travel pillow is the gold standard of travel pillows. Three-hundred-sixty degree neck support — what more could you want?

A Gift for the Man Who’s Always Late

You can’t go wrong with a silver link watch.

A Gift for the Man Who’d Like to Be Slightly More Stylish

When it’s comes to sneakers, there’s a lot to choose from. These are great for a guy who wants to add just a little pizazz to his outfit but, you know, not too much.

Another Stylish Sneaker Option

Aside from a nice sweater (see above), adidas Originals are the safest bet there is. They’re comfy, classic, stylish, and work well with anything.

A Gift for the Man Who Takes His Cold Brew Seriously

If he’s going out of his way every day to get “the only decent cold brew in [insert city here],” he needs this for his own sake.

A Gift for the Man Who Wants to Jazz Up His Office Look

A pocket square is subtle way to add flair to a suit and is always acceptable for even the stuffiest of offices.

A Gift for the Man Who Loves Harry Styles

Congratulate him on his good taste with a Gucci tee.

A Gift for a Man With a Lot of Stuff

Whether he’s going to Mexico City or just going to the gym, this bag will carry all of his stuff and look stylish.

A Gift for the Fancy Businessman

Understated sterling silver cufflinks will last him for years.

A Gift for the Man Who Is Always Cold

A scarf is a good gift for anybody. Especially when it’s a classic plaid.

A Gift for the Preppy Man

Can’t go wrong with a new polo shirt.

A Gift for the Outdoorsy Man

This lightweight backpack fits into a pocket-sized bag. Perfect if your motto is “Be Prepared.”

A Gift for the Outdoorsy Man Who Already Has a Good Backpack

Blundstone’s boots are made to withstand long hikes, but they don’t sacrifice style.

A Gift for the Man Who’s Hard to Shop For

A Gift for the Man Who Loves Music

These UE Boom speakers deliver high-quality sound, can be carried from room-to-room, and are very durable.

A Gift for the Sophisticated Man

This slick zip up cardigan is easy to dress down or up, like the guy in the photo above who paired it with plaid trousers.

A Gift for the Man Who Needs Something Fancy

Band together with a group and buy this for someone you all love. It goes with absolutely everything and will last forever.

A Gift for the Man Who Likes to Stand Out

In a sea of boring sneakers and dress shoes, get him a cooler option.

A Gift for the Man Who’s Intimidatingly Stylish

Buy this slime green coat for a hypebeast, and he will be yours forever.

A Gift for a Man Who Only Wants the Finer Things

Watches are tricky gifts, but this Hermès is sure to please anyone.

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