Gisele Bündchen Is Feeling ‘So Blessed’ Post-Divorce

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Aside from a couple of magazine profiles, Gisele Bündchen has been selective about how and when she talks about her divorce from Tom Brady. Don’t get me wrong: She looks to be doing just fine, judging from her Costa Rica horseback rides with her jujitsu trainer and her glowy appearance at the 2023 Met Gala. But while the former Victoria’s Secret model has hinted at the devastation that followed in the wake of her and Brady’s 2022 split, she hasn’t necessarily allowed the public to see the depths of that emotion.

On Thursday, ABC News released an interview Bündchen did with Roberts at her ranch near Miami. Early in the sit-down, Roberts reminds Bündchen of the time she likened the divorce to the “death of my dream,” then asks how she’s doing. In response, Bündchen begins to cry. “Sorry, guys, I didn’t know … Can I have a little moment?” she said, turning away from the camera to collect herself. After several closed-eye deep breaths, she carefully called her current moment “a transition that had to take place.” “I don’t think you wish for that,” she said, but added, “I feel so blessed. I had incredible experiences, I learned so much, I had my children … and now I get to create a new season.”

Bündchen also shared an update on how co-parenting with Brady is going. (The couple shares two children, and Bündchen said she thinks of Brady’s older son from a previous relationship as her own.) “There’s easier days than others,” she said, explaining that she and her ex-husband have “different rules” for their kids. “I can only control what I do.”

If you were hoping to find out more about Bündchen’s rumored relationship with her martial arts instructor, keep hoping. Roberts asked Bündchen if she’ll be able to “open up [her] heart again to someone,” to which Bündchen responded with a cryptic, “I think life is full of surprises and I don’t have a crystal ball.” She does, however, have a purple belt in jujitsu.

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Gisele Bündchen Is Feeling ‘So Blessed’ Post-Divorce