The Ultimate Fantasy Shoe Guide for the Holidays

As far as over-the-top gifts go, you can’t beat a pair of stunning shoes. The feeling you get when you unwrap a crisp box and gently peel back the tissue paper to reveal the heels of your dreams — well, there’s a reason it’s a movie cliche. Of course, dream shoes require a dream budget, but ogling is free. With that in mind, come window shop with us as we scroll through some of the most deliciously fancy shoes the internet has to offer.

The Ultimate Party Flats

Between the rich velvet in two colors and the streams of rhinestones, these might be the most opulent shoes you can actually dance in.
Original Price: $780

Because You Love Rhinestones

Even the biggest color-phobe can appreciate these cheerful rainbow dots.

To Wear on Vacation

In New York, it’s puffer-body season, but these would look great with a caftan on a yacht somewhere warm.

A Classic Pair of Party Sandals

Wear them to holiday parties for years to come.

Because Who Doesn’t Want Ruby Red Slippers?

Perfect for clicking those heels while using Kira Kira.

If You Love White Boots

Combat boots are always cool, but white ones with an asymmetric black lace that goes up the side are even cooler.

The Festive Option

Emerald green velvet will still look striking well after the holidays are over.

For the Artsy Minimalist

Leave it to Céline to come up with a slingback that doesn’t feel corporate.

If You Love Pretty Things

It doesn’t get more lovely than pearls in a sweet bow.

When You Want Cool Pumps

These have a square toe and exaggerated tongue that are far more dramatic than your standard classic heels.

For the Cowboy-Curious City Slicker

The graphic white-and-pink details aren’t exactly the stuff of spaghetti Westerns.

For the Gucci Lover

Should you want to simplify these pink mules, the giant bow can slip off.

The Influencer-Approved Pair

Because you love deep diving through Instagram shoe hashtags.

When You Care Most About Impressing Yourself

Sometimes you want to look down and go damn, I look good.

The Luxurious Classic Choice

If you have the cash to drop and want a pair of sensible boots in delicious leather, please buy these. You won’t regret it.

Because Shoes Should Be Fun

And no one has more fun than Karl Lagerfeld.

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The Ultimate Fantasy Shoe Guide for the Holidays