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How This DJ Gets Her Skin So Good

Hannah Bronfman. Photo: Courtesy of Hannah Bronfman

“I started taking skin care seriously in my early 20s when I began getting into working out and wellness,” says DJ and fitness lifestyle leader, Hannah Bronfman. “I realized that what I put on my body was just as important as what I was consuming every day. If I ate something not-so-great, it showed.” Through trial and error, Bronfman has learned that her skin became more prone to hyperpigmentation when she ate refined sugar and dairy. Her solution was to cut them out completely.

The new author of Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right still looks for products that help with fading dark spots, but she’s generally interested in keeping her skin hydrated and healthy. The self-proclaimed product junkie will “try pretty much anything” (even CBD oil) when it comes to skin care and is always changing up her routine based on the seasons. Below, a look into the products currently in her rotation, including a lash serum that made her give up extensions.

The Double Cleanse

“This product is new for me, but I love a travel-size cleansing oil and this product gets all of my makeup off, including my mascara and is a perfect prewash before really going in and cleansing my skin.”

“I love the texture of this product, and it gets my skin clean without feeling like its been stripped of moisture. I started double cleansing in the summer when my pores felt clogged and I discovered a brand called True Botanicals. It felt counter intuitive to use a oil cleanser in summer but I had already fallen for the brand so I gave it a go and was surprised by how clean, soft and hydrated my skin felt when I started using it.”

The Serums

“This is one of my favorite products! It’s a mist and I use it in place of a toner. I first discovered this brand in a cute shop in Venice, California, and then I started noticing that it was carried at all my favorite cult clean beauty shops. Most toners strip my skin but this mist is heftier than just a rose water making it my ideal post cleanser step. It also smells so good — I often spray it on my face when I’m on a flight just so that the person next to me asks , ‘What is that?’”

“This serum has been a godsend for my dark spots due to hyperpigmentation. I use it as a spot treatment — not all over my face — and I have seen dramatic results in a short amount of time in reducing dark spots and scarring. Usually I have to use harsh products that take a couple of weeks to see results. But I see results in just a few days with this one.”

“I’m almost finished with this product and have been loving it! I had a facial with Pekar, and she introduced me to her product and I was very curious, particularly because of the CBD. I don’t feel the CBD but believe in its healing properties. I really do feel like my cell turnover has been faster since using it. In laymen’s terms, I feel like it helps slough off dead skin cells so new ones can appear. Generally, cell turn over happens every 14–28 days. ”

“I love the way my skin soaks up this product. It’s full of natural oils that are super hydrating. It’s a perfect ‘everything’ serum and I love to layer it on top of a hyaluronic acid or my CBD serum.”

The Face Oil

“This oil smells absolutely amazing (bright and floral). I only use about three to four drops as a finishing face oil so it lasts me a long time. I apply a drop to each cheek, forehead, and chin and rub it in using circular motions.”

The Eye Cream

“I honestly haven’t woken up with puffy eyes or dark circles since using it. I find it very hydrating for any fine lines. I apply it all over my eyes and the roller application is cooling on the skin.”

The Lash Serum

“I no longer need eyelash extensions when using this product; it’s really helped my eyelashes grow thicker and longer and I saw results after six weeks. I’m on my third bottle and intend to keep on using until I reach my desired length which I guess is until someone says to me, ‘Are those extensions or your natural lashes?’”

The Lip Peel

“I found out about this product from Kristen Crawley who is the queen of lips, and I was very intrigued by a ‘lip peel.’ It’s not intense but it is a type of acid and it’s applied with a metal roller — the peel hydrates, softens, and smooths chapped lips — just don’t lick your lips after!”

The Spot Treatment

“I love a concoction and so this powder that needs to be mixed with an oil is very satisfying for someone like me! Be sure to mix this powder with an oil — not water — to form the desired paste, then put it on your spot. I have found that after using this, in the morning the size and color of any spot is reduced significantly.”

How This DJ Gets Her Skin So Good