The Beauty Products Hermès Beauty’s Gregoris Pyrpylis Uses to the Last Drop

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Despite creating beauty products, the creative director of Hermès Beauty, Gregoris Pyrpylis doesn’t use many himself. In fact, his everyday look is quite paired back. Think bright under eyes and curled lashes. Meanwhile, within three years at Hermès Beauty, he has helped the brand launch a line that includes bright blue and green eye-shadow palettes; vibrant nail polishes, and the chicest mascara bottle you’ve ever seen.

“It’s a very exciting chapter for me because I joined the brand at its birth,” the Greek, Paris-based creative tells the Cut via Zoom. “Even though it’s a house with a very rich and long history,” nearly 200 years, “the beauty aspect is very new. There’s so much I get to create. It’s not just a job, it’s actually a privilege for me.”

Pyrpylis, who worked with M.A.C Cosmetics, Maybelline, and Tom Pecheux before this role, says that self-care helps him come back to the present. “If I want to put my best self out there, I think having a good routine is a part of that.” With that in mind, below, Pyrpylis shares his go-to morning skin-care routine to look awake and why he invests heavily in his place of rest.

Photo: Gregoris Pyrpylis


On his morning routine:

In the morning, I prefer to use a gentle cleanser. I don’t want to use something very harsh that is going to really exfoliate. Instead, I opt for something that will remove the dirt and/or the sweat from the gym and just keep my skin very nourished. That said, I’m using an oil cleanser from Tata Harper. 

Then, I use my day cream from Tata. It’s called the Elixir Vitae. It’s a beautiful cocktail of vitamins and active ingredients with a satin feel. Then, I add a bit of our Plein Air Complexion Balm, which is the first complexion product from the brand. It’s very lightweight and has light to medium coverage. It also has SPF 30 and hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin. It doesn’t look like makeup and looks extremely natural. I just put it under my eyes to unify my complexion. I also love to curl my lashes before I head out because they tend to get a bit messy after sleeping. Then, of course, I’m going to use our lip balm. I’m obsessed with having hydrated lips, so this lives with me.

Normally, I have my hair shorter, but now that I’m trying to leave it a bit longer, I’m using a brand called Kevin Murphy, which has a beautiful paste that is quite matte. For my shampoo, I use one from Christophe Robin. It exfoliates nicely and makes it feel extremely clean.


On his evening routine:

In the evening, my routine is similar. The main difference is that I use a different cleanser. I’m using the same oil cleanser, but I also use the Regenerating one that has an exfoliating aspect to it. My skin feels extremely clean after using it. I also love the Elixir cream at night, too. I have small wrinkles, so I’m trying to calm those down with eye patches from a French brand called Institut. You can find it in the French pharmacies here. It’s just amazing. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid as well, so it really hydrates the area. It also calms down the puffiness.


On rest:

Sleep is very important to me. While other people might invest in cars and jewelry, I invested in my bed. My partner and I got a super-king-size mattress with a memory-foam topper that provides extra comfort from the French brand Simmons. For the bedding, I like the ones made of Egyptian-washed cotton that are extremely soft to the touch. It feels divine against the skin. If you think about it, we’re spending eight hours per night in our beds, which is quite a long time out of 24 hours, so I’ve tried to create a cocoon in there.


On the beauty item he’s actually noticed a difference from:

I can’t live without my lash curler. I can always tell when I’ve slept on my side because my lashes get so messy. They help me open up my morning gaze and look alive. I feel extremely unbalanced if I don’t do this. I don’t feel ready to show my face.


On movement:

I like to get up in the morning and hit the gym. I love doing CrossFit specifically. My work is very creative, but doing this intense workout for an hour allows me to have a moment where I don’t have to think about anything besides being in the moment. It’s kind of a meditation.

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The Beauty Products Gregoris Pyrpylis Uses to the Last Drop