Wait, the Hot Ones Guy Was Dating a Camgirl?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

There is so much we are still processing about the Super Bowlovertime rules, Taylor Swift’s second little braid, Usher’s torso — but it is time to add another head-scratcher to the list: Following the sudden news that Sean Evans, a.k.a. the host of Hot Ones, is dating a porn creator named Melissa Stratton, he has apparently broken up with her due to their relationship being too public. What in the whiplash is going on here?

On Tuesday, TMZ published a story claiming that Evans, who you probably do not recognize without a sweating celebrity across the table from him, had been hanging out with Stratton since connecting with her via DM in November. Stratton describes herself on her website as a “model, creator, camgirl, and podcaster,” and she does indeed host a podcast about her journey “from college student to successful camgirl.”

TMZ’s story stemmed from a series of photos Stratton had posted during Super Bowl weekend, which showed her and Evans attending various Vegas-based events, sometimes with her in Chiefs merch. (Per TMZ, Stratton is from Kansas City and loves the Chiefs, which is why Evans invited her.) The tabloid was careful to point out that Evans “didn’t post diddly-squat of Melissa” during their weekend together.

Less than 48 hours later, TMZ delivered another update: On Valentine’s Day, Evans reportedly broke up with Stratton because he “wanted to keep his love life more under wraps.” Stratton was apparently “caught off guard,” given he’d posed for photos with her all weekend and brought her to multiple public events, but no matter — it seems she is already moving on. She retweeted TMZ’s post about their breakup, writing, “Don’t try to date a [corn emoji] [star emoji] if you actually hate [corn emoji].” If you are lost in emoji-speak here, the implication is that Evans couldn’t handle dating a porn star. She also took to Instagram to post a video of herself dancing in a car with a different guy, writing in the caption, “It’s ok I’ve got a better bald man to get spicy with,” plus a chicken-bone emoji.

For anyone disappointed by this turn of events, maybe it’s time to switch over to Chicken Shop Date? I hear its host is very charming.

Wait, the Hot Ones Guy Was Dating a Camgirl?