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Looks Like the Palace Is Hiring a Communications Assistant

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

It’s never been clearer just how bad the royals are at navigating modern media. After clumsily pinning a Photoshop disaster on Kate Middleton — who remains the subject of countless swirling conspiracy theories — it appears the search is on for someone to shake things up in the royal comms department. According to a listing that appeared last week on LinkedIn and the Royal Household’s official job site, the Palace is seeking a new communications assistant.

The full-time gig, which appears to pay about $32,000 — a bargain for someone who could potentially save the monarchy from the next Kategate — is based at Buckingham Palace, where King Charles and Queen Camilla live and work. (The press announcements for Kate and William largely come through their home base, Kensington Palace.) According to the listing, it involves a wide variety of royal-adjacent duties and includes interfacing with the press and creating social-media posts, on top of scheduling and logistical support. “The reaction to our work is always high-profile,” the listing says, “and so reputation and impact will be at the forefront of all that you do.” Also, “basic working knowledge of Excel” is a must.

Perhaps you are a young and eager upstart willing to accept $40,000 a year to help Camilla film GRWMs? If so, run don’t walk!

Looks Like the Palace Is Hiring a Communications Assistant