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How This Jewelry Designer Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Stella Simona

“I’ve been obsessed with skin care since I was a young teen,” says Stella Simona. “In my early years as a beauty enthusiast, I emphasized natural treatments.” While the co-owner and designer behind Amarilo and Haati Chai used to indulge in at-home natural recipes, she now focuses her attention on products that deliver a glow while maintaining hydration — especially after years of issues with eczema and hyperpigmentation.

Simona shares, “During the day, I keep it simple as my days are hectic and I need to quickly be out the house. Once I am home in the evening, I go all out.” Below, a look into the jewelry designer’s nighttime skin-care routine, which aims for “skin that looks so good that makeup is only an option and not a must.”

The Cleanser

“It’s important to use a good cleanser rinse off all the makeup and debris on your skin. Dermalogica actually sent me this cleanser. I really like it because it doesn’t leave your skin dry or irritated afterward.”

The Cleansing Cloths

“I love these cleansing cloths. The lightly exfoliate while making sure to remove all the leftover makeup and debris sitting on your skin. I use as many of the wipes I need until I see that there is no more debris left on the cloth. I make sure to use this after the cleanser so that I don’t have any makeup left over on my skin.”

The Scrub

“I love this scrub because it’s very fine and it also foams, so it removes all the dead layers of skin. I use this one twice a week. When I do use it, it’s on top of the cloths. I really like to get in there and make sure I do a deep exfoliation and clean when I’m using this scrub.”

The Toners

“I love this toner (which doesn’t smell like licorice to me) because it’s especially great at treating dark skin spots and hyperpigmentation which I experience from time to time. It also leaves my skin with a next-level type of glow. One of my employees recommended it. My skin instantly gets softer after applying this.”

“I follow the first toner up with this one. I double up the toners to do twice the work. This one is good for balancing the oils on your face, tightening complexion, and giving your skin a ton of much needed vitamin C. Toners hydrate and treat. They add an instant hydration all while balancing the pH in your skin. Toner instantly prepares your skin to absorb the moisturizer you add after.”

The Essences

“I also love how soft this essence leaves my skin. An essence is a way to prepare your skin for the rest of your routine. I like to think of it as your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients for your skin.”

“This is good for daily use but especially when I have any dry skin patches or acne as it helps repair my skin fast. I use both essences daily back to back. I have a few friends who are into K-beauty and they put me on to this.”

The Face Mask

“Living in the city and traveling exposes my skin to a ton of pollution. This mask works wonders at extracting all the toxins. Two key elements in this mask — the French green bentonite clay and the manuka honey work to undo the damage. My face feels soft as a baby’s bottom right after. I’m amazed every time.”

The Lip Mask

“My lips are drier than everyone else’s always, I swear. I use this mask at least once a week and it keeps my lips hydrated all throughout the week. It also minimizes the appearance of deep lines which you get from always having chapped lips.”

The Eye Patches

“This I use to de-puff tired eyes. It just really works on me.”

The Roll-On

“A part of my nighttime ritual to get relaxed and ready for bed. This is an aromatherapy roll-on oil. I apply it on the wrists, by my ears, and my neck.”

The Face Oil

“Moisture is key, always. I apply this right before moisturizer. I love this one because it’s really thick and I can feel it working on my skin.”

The Moisturizer

“Anything with hyaluronic acid is extremely good for your skin. I love this product. This feels almost like water, although it’s light it’s extremely hydrating and locks in all the moisture. I use this after applying oil.”

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How This Jewelry Designer Gets Her Skin So Good