The Beauty Products Hairstylist Joey George Uses to the Last Drop

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Auto-Refill: Our favorite beauty pros share the products they love — the ones so good they’ll make you hit that little “auto-refill” box at checkout.

Hairstylist Joey George is making a name for himself with his structural ’fros and reverse cornrows, which has has created for Fashion Week shows like Diotima, Loewe, and Willy Chavarria.

“I love developing beauty concepts for clients that fit their brands, as well as traveling the world absorbing various cultures,” says the New York–based artist who trained under the renowned Oribe Canales and doesn’t shy away from working with any hair texture.

And when he’s not busy making his clients look and feel their best, George prioritizes baths, staying hydrated, and more. Below, he muses on all things self-care, including the products he uses every day.

George’s products. Photo: Joey George/


A.M. Routine

Every morning, I wake up and burn palo santo sticks. I source them from Mexico, and they’re all around my home. It makes me feel really good and is like an energy reset before leaving the house. I’m also currently an avid Sulwhasoo skin-care connoisseur: I use the Gentle Cleansing Foam in the morning; after cleansing, I then use the First Care Serum and the Ginseng Renewing Cream. What I love best about these products are the consistency and concentration, which makes the application smooth (not sticky), and a little goes a long way.

One of my favorite occasional skin-care “treatments” is to use Para Botanica Immortal Facial Serum, followed by its Haima Skin Dew Balm. Switching things up allows my skin to break from routine.

For hair, I alternate between the Augustinus Bader Shampoo and Davines Alchemic Copper Shampoo to cleanse (I don’t condition). To style, my favorite go-to product is Oribe Matte Waves. It gives my fine hair a textured feel and it smells so good. I then drench myself in Le Labo Thé Noir cologne before I leave the house.


P.M. Routine

I take nightly salt baths with Costa Brazil salts and a touch of firming oil. My mom mails me packages of white sage, which I burn nightly to cleanse the energy I absorb daily. Whenever I visit Paris, I load up on Trudon Ernesto candles. Jamaica is my go-to destination for sourcing pure castor oil, which I also make into a watery solution for my clientele, for a full-body moisturizer. This homemade solution contains pure virgin castor oil, body texturizing lotion, and filtered water. For me, this foundation-setting spray works as a moisturizer, detangler, and natural heat protectant. At night, after cleansing with the same Sulwhasoo cleanser, I use the Time Treasure Invigorating Cream.


On a game-changing beauty product:

I’m obsessed with Jin Soon’s healing cuticle oil and argan-and-rose hand cream. The combo has saved me from so many painful cuticle traumas.


On rest :

To care for others is my job; it’s not only a job but a personal motivation. When I can bring joy and love to the people around me, it vibrates back to me. That is the environment I love to create and work in most. My self-care is disconnecting and resting. My art studio allows me to create without boundaries, and it is there that I have a full creative outlet.


On movement:

In my early teenage years of studying ballet professionally, I trained six to eight hours daily with conservatories in the tristate area. Now, in my 30s, when I feel the need, I just take a cardio class on my Peloton bike. There are so many motivating individuals; my favorite classes are with Matt Maggiacomo, Jess King, and, of course, the fab Cody Rigsby.

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