John Cena Thinks Zac Efron Is Babygirl

Los Angeles Premiere of A24’s “The Iron Claw”
Photo: Getty Images for A24

Well, well, well, it seems we have a new bromance in the Zeitgeist. Big muscle guy John Cena worked with famous Wildcat Zac Efron on the upcoming comedy Ricky Stanicky, and the former lavished praise on his co-star — not unlike a pet owner obsessed with their Westminster Dog Show–winning pooch.

In an interview with People published Tuesday, Cena detailed the duo’s blossoming friendship as they bonded over shared wrestling experiences, because nothing says “best buddies” like sweaty men rolling around on a mat. Efron had just finished filming Iron Claw, and Cena, of course, got his start alongside other charismatic beefy boys in the WWE. Cena noted he was “super psyched” that Efron had been cast in the film about the sons of wrestling company owner Fritz Von Erich, adding, “Man, he was excellent in the movie.”

“I can tell you, when you get to the core of who he is, he’s an excellent human being,” Cena continued. “Not only is he a gifted professional and easy on the eyes, but, man, what a great guy, and a great way to make a friend out of this experience.”

Honestly, I’m happier for these two than I am for 90 percent of celebrity couples. Efron, in particular, has had a rough few years — from getting swole by way of “powerful diuretics” and depression to dealing with a traumatic jaw injury — so I imagine having John Cena as his hype guy has been a major bright spot this year. Perhaps they’ll take a boys’ trip to Dubai to cement their union. Anyhow, congrats to the happy bros!

John Cena Thinks Zac Efron Is Babygirl