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Relax, Kate Middleton Is Just Working From Home

The Duchess Of Cambridge Makes Keynote Speech To Launch “Taking Action On Addiction” Campaign
Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Maybe this entire Kate Middleton saga could have been resolved if she had just updated her status on Slack. She’s just working from home, everyone! The Telegraph reported on Thursday that while recovering from abdominal surgery, Middleton has been hard at work on her campaign to improve the lives of babies. So hopefully that clears things up for you with regards to her whereabouts.

Specifically, the project she’s monitoring is the trial of a “baby observation tool” that seeks to improve how signs of social and emotional development are observed. The Princess of Wales’s Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood has funded the trial of the Alarm Distress Baby Scale, which is a tool used to help adults better understand babies’ feelings through cues like eye contact and facial expressions.  Middleton was inspired by seeing something similar on a royal visit to Denmark.

“The Princess has been kept updated throughout the process,” a spokesperson for Kensington Palace told the Telegraph. The palace also noted that the results of the trial have been “overwhelmingly positive.” This is probably a good case study to show your boss who doesn’t believe in remote work. It’s going over really well for the princess.

So Kate is back to work, even if that just means camera-off Zoom calls. She has to save up her energy, especially if she’s going to make her big comeback on Easter. If the rumors are true, she’s set to appear in a “showstopping set piece heralding her return to public life,” much like Jesus himself. She can’t waste her first official outing on some rando babies; that’s not nearly dramatic enough.

Relax, Kate Middleton Is Just Working From Home