Guess Who Kim Kardashian Was Rooting For at the Super Bowl

Does Kim Kardashian strike you as more of a Kansas City or San Francisco woman? The reality star was at the Super Bowl last night, and you’ll never guess which team she was rooting for. I’ll give you some hints: (1) Kardashian picked the group least likely to win. (2) Her pick was probably the only one you couldn’t bet on. (3) The answer was certainly Kris-approved. Do you have it? Let’s hear from Kimmy herself for the answer.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight, Kardashian said she was cheering for “everybody.” Never has “Go, Team!” been more applicable, I guess. She continued on, clarifying that she would be cheering for “anyone who wants to do a Skims campaign.” She’s sort of joking, but don’t be surprised if you see Mecole Hardman in his skivvies on Instagram next month.

You might be wondering, What’s the point of going to the Super Bowl if you don’t care about who wins? As TMZ points out, Kardashian’s celeb-packed suite looks pretty low-energy — Kendall Jenner looks like a kid who’s been brought to a grown-up party against her will. Well, perhaps Kardashian wanted to spend some time with her rumored new beau, Odell Beckham Jr. He loves/plays football, so maybe she’s engaging with his interests.

The two have not confirmed their relationship, although they were spotted hugging at a party in Las Vegas over the weekend (how sexy). A source told People that the two “definitely seemed together.” Isn’t that beautiful? The theme of this year’s Super Bowl was love! Who cares who won and who lost when there was so much romance in the air.

Guess Who Kim Kardashian Was Rooting For at the Super Bowl