Lana Del Ray Showed Up to the Super Bowl in a 49ers Jacket

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If you have ever wondered what it’s really like to be friends with Taylor Swift, look no further than Lana Del Rey. Since being featured on Midnights, Lana has made recurring appearances in Swift’s ever-expanding squad, and while she is probably having a good time, there certainly appear to be some downsides. Earlier this month, a well-meaning Swift dragged her onto the Grammys stage when she was clearly not in the mood. Then on Sunday, Del Rey and approximately 15 other friends joined Swift at the Super Bowl to watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play, where she had what appears to be kind of a rough night.

Del Rey did not arrive at the stadium with Swift but was seen early on in the game standing on a tier below her friend’s packed box. In those photos, she’s wearing a leather 49ers jacket, prompting a lot of people to wonder whether she was barred from entering the box while repping the opposing team. (It’s not clear when or why Del Rey became a 49ers fan, but she did post about rooting for them a few weeks ago.) Swift said hi from the balcony above, like so:

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Later in the night, Del Rey made it into the box — notably sans jacket — and briefly chatted with Swift before drifting to the edge of the girl cluster and lingering politely next to Keleigh Teller.

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But being in the VIP section wasn’t much better. Swift’s entourage erupted when the Chiefs scored their winning touchdown, and poor Del Rey, who was more worried about shielding her face than celebrating in the first place, got knocked over amid all the commotion.

Imagine agreeing to help your friend support her boyfriend and being forced to change outfits, only to get jostled by a guy in a Gucci sweatshirt. I hope she at least got to watch Usher in peace?

Lana Del Rey Showed Up to the Super Bowl in a 49ers Jacket