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Leonardo DiCaprio Helped His Girlfriend Eat a Burrito

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio and the latest 25-year-old model in his life, Vittoria Ceretti, are still going strong. Hooray! In fact, even though they only began “exclusively” dating back in November, she’s already wearing a shiny ring on her left hand. In photos published by “Page Six,” you can see DiCaprio and Ceretti ordering food at a taco spot. Her left hand is on his shoulder and there’s a big ol’ ring on her third finger. This, of course, is the paparazzi money shot.

But I will not believe that DiCaprio is actually getting married until I see the blurry drone shots of an extravagant Lake Como ceremony. These two are probably not engaged, but there is something much more pressing we have to discuss. How many hands does it take for one person to have a bite of their boyfriend’s burrito?

If you scroll through the pap shots of the couple’s lunch date, you will stumble across one in which Leo is feeding Vittoria a bite of his food. He has his hands on it, and it looks like a pretty stable grip. But then you will notice that her hands are also on the burrito. Maybe he thinks her young hands couldn’t sustain the heft of a flour tortilla.

I do feel a little bad for Vittoria here. She really nailed the shot where she showed off the ring (model training), only to be rewarded with a photo in which it looks like some weird old guy with a goatee is teaching her how to eat. Spare her a little dignity, Backgrid!

Leonardo DiCaprio Helped His Girlfriend Eat a Burrito