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We Finally Know How Lindsay Lohan and Ayesha Curry Became BFFs

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If you’re anything like me, you read a few months ago that Steph and Ayesha Curry are the godparents to Lindsay Lohan’s son and thought, What? How do those people know each other? Perhaps you had flashes of those viral videos in which two different animals become friends. Well, thanks to the press tour for Lohan’s new Netflix movie. Irish Wish — in which Ayesha co-stars — we have some answers about how this friendship bloomed.

“We met through a mutual friend, chef Michael Mina, who said to my husband, ‘Lindsay and Ayesha need to meet,’” Lohan told People. So, ultimately, they met the way most people meet: through someone else. The pair got together for dinner a few years ago when Curry was on a girls’ trip to Dubai, where Lohan lives.

“We all just honestly hit it off. We were supposed to have dinner for an hour, just a little meetup, and we ended up spending the whole evening,” Curry told the magazine. Their husbands — Lohan is married to a finance guy named Bader Shammas — eventually became friends as well, which the women credit to the fact that both men are “severe homebodies.” That usually does not make for a rousing friendship, but I’ll believe them.

Last year, Lohan asked Ayesha and Steph if they would be the godparents to her son, Luai. “We were out visiting in Dubai last summer, and we went to dinner, and she leaned over and was like, ‘I have something to ask you!’ Then she asked and it was so sweet. [It was] very unexpected, but we were definitely up for the task,” Curry recalled to Bustle.

When Lohan was preparing for Irish Wish, she apparently encouraged Curry to audition. The rom-com stars Lohan as a writer going to Ireland for the wedding of Paul, the one who got away (who is now marrying her best friend). Through what I imagine is some kind of Celtic magic, she wishes she were the bride, and it comes true. Curry plays a bridesmaid who helpfully says in the trailer, “You, my friend, are marrying Paul Kennedy.” Curry’s previous acting credits include episodes of the Disney shows Hannah Montana and Good Luck Charlie, so she’s pretty much classically trained.

While shooting in Ireland, Lohan and Curry had some classic girls’ nights. “We both love to cook, and she made a mean borscht when we were in Ireland. [We’d also watch] paranormal-activity documentaries,” Curry said. Stars, they’re just like us: eating beet soup with their girls while watching people hunt ghosts.

We Finally Know How Lindsay Lohan and Ayesha Curry Met