Some Love Horoscopes for Valentine’s Day

Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, revolution, and … camp! So, naturally, it makes perfect sense that one of the schmaltziest holidays of the calendar year — Valentine’s Day — occurs during Aquarius season. The candy hearts? Excessive cherubs? Clashing shades of pink and red? Very on brand.

This year, however, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about aesthetics. On February 14, the sky will be illuminated by not just an Aquarius Sun, but also a tender Taurus Moon. In astrology, the Sun reflects external energy while the Moon reveals the “behind the scenes” narrative; our internal experience. Taurus, a romantic earth sign, loves to occupy the sensitive moon — this placement creates a perfect alignment between sensuality and emotion. So, for us here on planet Earth, we’ll surely be feeling extra mushy gushy this Valentine’s Day.

So what should you expect on February 14th? Read on to uncover a special-edition love horoscope for the holiday.


What do you have? What do you want? Are you truly satisfied? With the moon moving through the area of your chart associated with values, you’re becoming increasingly aware of the concept of worth. Are you being treated in a way that makes you feel respected and appreciated? Are you receiving the praise you deserve? If your love interest or actual romantic partner hasn’t been showering you in adoration, this is an excellent time to express your wants and needs. Speak your truth, Aries! Don’t hold back!


This Valentine’s Day is all about you …I mean, literally. Not only is the Moon in your own sign, but Jupiter — the planet of luck, fortune, and abundance — is also cruising through the Taurus sky. With so many auspicious celestial bodies aligned in your favor, don’t be surprised if this turns out to be the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet! Whether you’re just starting something or you’re in a well-established partnership, this is an excellent time to indulge. Dinner? Drinks? A one-night stay at a posh hotel? Whatever you want, babe.


You’re feeling a bit conflicted — but considering that your sign is symbolized by twins, that’s nothing new. On one hand, you’re feeling playful, adventurous, and eager to get a little fun and flirty. But, at the same time, you’re also burnt out and exhausted. Why does everything have to be such a production? At the end of the day, Gemini, remember that Valentine’s Day is just a random annual holiday that doesn’t need to be the end-all-be-all of your romantic escapades. If you feel like organizing a fancy date night, great. If you need to catch up on sleep, also great.


I know you’re yearning for a romantic, candle-lit dinner with a smooth-talking hottie who knows how to sweep you off your feet — but your soul has other needs right now. This Valentine’s Day, the Moon is illuminating the area of your chart associated with community, emphasizing the tremendous value of friendship. Perhaps you plan to spend a low-key evening with your bestie? Or organize an elaborate galentine’s day for your extended friend group? Or just check-in on an old friend who’s been going through a tough time? No matter how large or small the gesture is, make sure you take this opportunity to expand your definition of love — romance isn’t the only way to connect with the heart.


With the Aquarius Sun activating the area of your chart associated with partnerships, and the Moon in Taurus illuminating your long-term legacy zone, this is truly a Valentine’s Day for the books. Go all out — and don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy. Table for two at the fanciest restaurant in town? Yes. Exchanging over-the-top gifts? Yes. Rose petals splayed out on the bed? Yes. At the end of the day, you’re a regal lion who relishes Hollywood-level romance. It’s not cringe! It’s cute! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


There’s nothing you love more than some nice, predictable, well-organized fun — but this Valentine’s Day, you may want to buckle up. With the Taurus Moon landing in the area of your chart connected to adventure, travel, and expansion, you should expect the unexpected. Will a long-term crush finally make a move? Or maybe a spontaneous trip out of town will yield a sexy tryst with a mysterious lover? The possibilities are endless! But one thing’s for sure: You’ll certainly surprise yourself.


As the sign most closely associated with partnership, everyday is Valentine’s Day for you. You always prioritize relationships — both romantic and platonic — and put in the work to make sure these dynamics are strong. But, this year, the cosmos are asking you to go even deeper. This is an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, hopes and wishes, fears and worries with your closest companions. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable. At the end of the day, if your partner can’t handle true intimacy, maybe they can’t handle you at all.


You’re all about sexy, brooding seduction — but what about some good, old-fashioned cozy companionship? With the Sun occupying the area of your chart associated with home and family, and the Moon shining bright in your partnership sector, this Valentine’s Day is about getting comfortable and relaxing with your most trustworthy people. It’s not that you’ve lost your edge, you’re just relaxing your nervous system. Embrace the tender vibes, Scorpio!


You’re all about an adventure, but this Valentine’s Day, you may want to plan in advance. If there’s someone you’ve been pining after, don’t wait until the last minute to ask them on a date. Similarly, if your crush reaches out and expresses interest, there’s no need to play hard to get. With the Moon illuminating the area of your chart connected to daily routines, the stars are asking you to get your ducks in a row and be intentional with your next steps.


You work hard, Capricorn. In fact, between hustling in your career and juggling your never-ending list of miscellaneous responsibilities, no one works harder than you. And that’s exactly why, this Valentine’s Day, you deserve to have some fun. Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo, make sure you allocate hours for some extra special escapades. What sparks joy, Capricorn? What makes you feel happy? Fulfilled? Alive? Don’t worry about what others may think — this holiday is about honoring love, which includes self-love.


With the Sun shining in your domain and the Moon activating the area of your chart associated with your core foundation, this romantic holiday invites you to explore your unique relationship to love. Perhaps chocolate and a dozen roses is a bit too… conventional for you? Don’t be afraid to let your unique, creative spirit shine: Whether you’re single or coupled up, this holiday should make you feel inspired — not stifled! Let your freak flag fly, baby.


Have you been having prophetic dreams? Of course! You’re a psychic Pisces — that’s what you do best! But, right now, you may want to pay extra attention to whatever is unfolding in your psyche: With the Sun illuminating the area of your chart associated with the subconscious and the Moon in your communication sector, important messages will be revealed while you slumber. So, if you’ve been waiting for love, don’t be surprised if you get a taste of what’s to come first through your intuition.

Some Love Horoscopes for Valentine’s Day