Lukas Gage Calls Marriage to Chris Appleton ‘Unhinged’

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It made for a good episode of TV, but Lukas Gage is aware that his marriage to Chris Appleton was a little much. The two got married in Las Vegas last April after two months of dating, in a ceremony officiated by Kim Kardashian with a performance by Shania Twain. They were divorced six months later. Gage went on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, and Andy Cohen got the White Lotus actor to spill.

“I don’t know literally what went through my head, but we live and we learn,” Gage said. When pressed by Cohen about why the pair got divorced, Gage insisted that there was no infidelity. He seemed like he wanted to talk some more, but referred to a “three-letter thing” (an NDA) he signed that was preventing him from being more forthcoming. The actor did offer a little more, calling his marriage “probably one of the most unhinged things I’ve ever done in my life” before saying that he’ll probably have six other marriages.

That’s all well and good, but the really good goss came from the WWHL aftershow, where Gage was a more loose lipped. At one point he looked directly into the camera and addressed Shania Twain, who performed “You’re Still the One” (a song about enduring hardships with your partner over many, many years) at their wedding.

“I want to apologize to Shania Twain for wasting her time,” Gage said. “I mean, ‘We’re still holding on, you’re still the one,’ after, like, three weeks? That was unhinged. That was like the biggest waste of her time. I love you, Shania, I’m really sorry about that.”

Cohen, clearly unable to help himself, needed to ask one more question, which was whether Appleton did Gage’s hair while they were together. Gage hesitantly responded, “I will just say, while that was happening, I’ve never had my hair look like that before.” When Cohen clarified if he meant it never looked better, Gage replied that it actually “never looked worse.” Ouch! Do you think he looked in the mirror and said, “That don’t impress me much”? I’ll show myself out.

Lukas Gage Calls Marriage to Chris Appleton ‘Unhinged’