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21 Father’s Day Gifts for the Fancy Man

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Is your father, zaddy, or male-identifying co-parent a fancy man? Does he know his Loro Pianas from his merinos, his Astons from his Jaguars, his Rolexes from his Breitlings? Or maybe he doesn’t identify as a fancy man, but deep down, he loves the finer things life has to offer. And you, being the good child or partner, want to give it to him. Below, 21 luxurious gifts guaranteed to impress even the fanciest man in your life, from Hermès ties to drip-coffee sets that double as objets d’art.

For the Audophile

For the Dad Who “Summers”

Whether he’s in the mountains or on the beach, these slides will be the fanciest summer shoes he owns.

If He Already Has a Tie Collection

Help him build it out a little more with this silk printed one from Hermès.

For the Fragrance Snob Dad

Switch up his cologne with Bleu de Chanel, a lighter eau de toilette with notes of cedar, grapefruit, and sandalwood.

For the Laid-Back Fancy Man

A sweater that’s chill, in a luxurious sort of way.

For the Dad Who Still Writes by Hand

Maybe he’s a writer, maybe he’s just signing a lot of checks. Either way, he’ll appreciate a Cartier pen.

The Foolproof Fancy Gift

A classic Bottega wallet never goes out of style.

For the Practical Dad

Fancy people can be practical, too! A reversible black-and-brown belt from Ferragamo is both useful and chic.

For the Dad Who Makes a Killer Martini

There’s plenty of evidence that the most stylish men like their drinks shaken, not stirred. Help him kick it up a notch with a sterling-silver and brass shaker.

For the Dad Who’s Into Sneakers

To combat the “Dad Sneaker” stereotype, give him a sleek color-blocked pair from Lanvin.

If He’s Very Into Watches

The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, in black ceramic with a leather band, has everything you’d want in a watch, including a gold bezel ring in the face.

For the Conservative Dresser

He may not want a full Gucci-logo suit, but the signature green-and-red stripe is a way to add some flair to dress shoes.

For the Host With the Most

The tiny wireless speaker to end all tiny wireless speakers — plus, it’s pretty.

For the Dad Who Loves a Spa Day

Get him a Prada robe so he can feel extra luxurious next time he’s trying to relax.

For the Frequent Flyer

Everybody who has a Rimowa loves their Rimowa. The silver is classic.

For the Well-Groomed Dad

If he prefers to do his manicures himself, then he’ll love this set. It’s compact and comes in a sleek leather case.

For the Shady Man

Not literally! But if he has a collection of sunglasses, then this is the perfect time to add a Saint Laurent pair to it.

If He Carries His Laptop With Him Everywhere

Then he needs a fancy briefcase. Get him a Gucci embossed briefcase; it’ll become his everyday bag.

If He’s Always in a Suit

A silk jacket is irresistible to anyone who wears blazers day in and day out.

If He’s Always in a Tux

Then cuff links will be his accessory of choice. Get him a timeless pair from David Yurman.

If He Appreciates Craftmanship

Choose an interchangeable strap and revel in the art of travel with this Louis Vuitton watch.

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21 Father’s Day Gifts for the Fancy Man