A Handy Guide to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra

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I’m excited and horrified to share that eclipse season is just getting started — get ready for some cataclysmic change (casual!) — by way of a lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25. But before you head for the hills (take me with you lol), read on to find out exactly how to work with this dynamic cosmic energy.

First, remind me what an eclipse is again?

The lunar cycle operates on the reliable rhythm of the sun and moon — known as the luminaries — as they move through their 28-day orbit. The cycle begins with the new moon, where the moon nestles between the Earth and the sun, obscuring the dreamy celestial satellite in shadow. Then, the moon quickly accelerates away from the sun, waxing to its full-moon phase two weeks later. Finally, the waning phase begins, bringing the moon back into darkness and marking the cycle’s restart.

Eclipses, however, disrupt this routine. From an astronomical perspective, eclipses occur when the moon reaches the upper and lower boundaries — the “lunar nodes” — of its tilted orbit. This phenomenon occurs three to seven times each year and, when it does, the moon perfectly aligns with the sun and Earth. The results? New moons transform into solar eclipses (when the sun is shadowed by the moon), and full moons become lunar eclipses (when the moon is shadowed by the Earth).

Both solar and lunar eclipses are striking visual displays; the luminaries quite literally transform in appearance. And, from an astrological perspective, we go through our own metamorphosis during an eclipse. The lunar nodes are referred to as the “north and south node,” and they correspond with fate, destiny, and spiritual karma. Likewise, because eclipses activate the north and south nodes, eclipses are believed to induce powerful, life-altering events on both a personal and collective level. In other words, whatever unfolds during an eclipse carries sweeping, far-reaching, and profoundly transformative consequences. You know, no big deal.

When is the upcoming eclipse?

On Monday, March 25, at 3 a.m. ET (adjust for your time zone), a lunar eclipse in Libra will paint the sky red … kind of. As the moon reflects the Earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse (rather than the sun’s glow, as per a typical full moon), the moon goes through a visual transformation, shifting from its signature silvery glow into a dark, tawny red. And, thanks to these beguiling optics, lunar eclipses have their own spooky nickname: blood moons.

This blood-moon lunar eclipse will take place at 5º Libra, while the sun occupies 5º Aries. It’s the third eclipse in a six-part series on this Aries-Libra axis, so we’re only halfway through the cycle (previous dates were April 20, 2023, and October 14, 2023, and future dates are April 8, 2024, October 2, 2024, and March 29, 2025). Keep in mind that our next eclipse — the solar eclipse on April 8 — will be crossing the United States and is going to be an extraordinary spectacle; check out to check out the best times and viewing locations near you!

So what does this lunar eclipse mean for me?

While the transformative power of eclipses can certainly be intimidating (after all, they’re associated with literal destiny), lunar eclipses are also incredible periods of discovery, breakthroughs, and integration. Under this enchanted sky, new pathways open, brilliant ideas emerge, and the truth — the good, bad, and ugly — is revealed. As we receive pivotal information about the most meaningful circumstances in our life, we can adjust and pivot accordingly for fresh opportunities.

As this lunar eclipse occurs on the Aries-Libra axis, themes around autonomy, partnership, independence, and alliance will be front and center. Aries invites us to celebrate our personal freedoms, while Libra encourages us to consider harmony, balance, and equilibrium. What does it mean to maintain a sense of self, while making room for relationships? Collaborations? Partnerships? Contracts?

Folks who have planets or placements in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) may experience the lunar eclipse a bit more acutely (check your birth chart to see if that’s you!), but everyone has every zodiac sign in their birth chart, so everyone will be impacted by this upcoming lunar eclipse. And, just as the moon goes through its own metamorphosis — temporarily becoming a vibrant blood moon — you too will experience a transformation during this cosmic encounter. Tune into both explicit and implicit shifts in your mood, the way you process information, and how you express yourself. And, remember, progress isn’t always linear: Sometimes we need to take a few steps backward before we can get back on track.

What can I do to prepare for the lunar eclipse?

Well, for one, nix those plans to manifest — it’s not a good idea. In general, manifesting during eclipse season isn’t recommended, because the energy is way too volatile, unpredictable, and chaotic to plant seeds. I mean, think about it: Eclipses prompt the proverbial earth to move beneath your feet, the soil is not stable!

But, as you wait for dust to settle, I recommend using this time to pause, reflect, and tune into your personal journey. What’s the current landscape of your reality? Who’s involved? What’s at stake? How has your life changed since the last Aries-Libra eclipse six months ago? What have you learned and how have you grown? Don’t forget: Eclipses are part of larger cycles — this journey will continue through March 2025. You’re still growing, baby.

So rest! Relax! Sleep! And try not to panic. Remember that the universe is always conspiring in your favor and that massive, epic, radical shifts can help you get exactly where you need to go. Yes, change is hard … but so is staying the same.

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A Handy Guide to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra