What on Earth Is Going On With the Cyrus Family?

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Familial dysfunction is not uncommon in the entertainment industry. Think of the Jacksons, the Presleys, Solange and Jay-Z in that elevator that one time in 2016. And now the Cyruses, whose family feuding has, in recent weeks, reached previously unimaginable new heights. According to the tabloids, Miley Cyrus’s family completely fractured roughly two years ago in the wake of her parents Billy Ray and Tish’s (third) separation. Since that time, Billy Ray and Tish have married other people, Miley notably didn’t thank her dad in her Grammys acceptance speech last month, and there’s a scandalous rumor going around that Tish “stole” her new husband Dominic Purcell from her 24-year-old daughter Noah. If you find yourself reading that sentence and saying, “What? WHAT?” under your breath, please read on for the most thorough timeline and explanation we have to offer.

April 2022: Billy Ray and Tish announce they are getting divorced again

Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, and Tish Cyrus, 56, were married for 30 years, not all of them happy — they filed for divorce in 2010 and 2013 but ended up getting back together both times. In April 2022, however, they called it quits for good: Tish filed for divorce, and the two released a joint statement confirming the news. In typical celebrity fashion, it was wholly positive and did not hint at any of the drama to come.

“It is after 30 years, five amazing children and a lifetime of memories, we have decided to go our separate ways — not with sadness, but with love in our hearts,” they said. “We have grown up together, raised a family we can be so proud of, and it is now time to create our own paths.”

Those five children include Brandi, 36, who hosts a weed-themed podcast with Tish called Sorry We’re Stoned; Trace, 34, who was the guitarist of Metro Station; Miley, 31, of Hannah Montana and pop stardom; Braison, 29, who is a private citizen for the most part; and Noah, 24, who has her own fledgling pop career. Brandi and Trace are Tish’s children from her first marriage to Baxter Helson, but Billy Ray adopted them when he married Tish; Billy Ray also has a son with a previous girlfriend who is blessedly uninvolved in any of the following events.

Sometime later in 2022: Tish slides into Dominic Purcell’s DMs

According to interviews with Vogue and Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper, Tish and Dominic Purcell, the 54-year-old Prison Break actor, started dating after Tish messaged him on Instagram. “I slid into Dom’s DMs and the rest is history,” Tish told Vogue. “It was love at first sight for both of us!” She also told Cooper that Purcell was her theoretical “hall pass” during her marriage to Billy Ray.

Noah may have been “casually dating” Purcell around this time, too. “They were seeing each other when he started dating Tish,” a source told Us Weekly this week.

November 2022: Billy Ray gets engaged to someone named Firerose

Billy Ray also moved on from his marriage — with a 34-year-old Australian singer whose legal name is Firerose. He told People the two met years ago on the Disney lot where he and Miley filmed Hannah Montana. They stayed in touch and started dating when he separated from Tish and went from “musical soulmates, to soulmates.” “Everyone knew that that relationship was over a long time ago,” he said of his marriage to Tish. “Everybody’s turning the page. It’s been a lot, but everyone knew that it was time for a change.”

August 2023: Tish marries Purcell at Miley’s house

Tish beat Billy Ray down the aisle, marrying Purcell in a small but surely expensive ceremony in Miley’s backyard in Malibu. Tish told Vogue the day was a “romantic fairy tale,” and Miley was equally effusive. “To see my mom this happy and in love is very emotional for me,” she said. “Dom and my mom share the sweetest, most genuine love. It’s almost like it’s for the first time, which is so fitting for my mom who is such a young soul.”

Miley walked her mom down the aisle, and Brandi and Trace were part of the wedding party. Noah and Braison, however, were not present at the ceremony. At the time, a source told ET there was no drama: “They are all supportive of Tish, but they are all doing their own things both career-wise and travel-wise, and it just didn’t work out for Noah and Braison to attend Tish’s wedding.”

October 2023: Billy Ray marries Firerose

Billy Ray’s wedding did not make it into Vogue, but it was a “perfect, ethereal celebration of love,” according to his Instagram post about it. It does not appear that any of the Cyrus children were in attendance.

February 2024: Miley declines to thank Billy Ray at the Grammys

It seems the tabloids mostly forgot about all of the aforementioned Cyrus family drama until the Grammys this year, when Miley won Record of the Year. She thanked her mom and sister Brandi in her acceptance speech, both of whom were in the audience, but not her dad or any of her other siblings. This may or may not have been pointed — she closed out her speech with, “I don’t think I forgot anyone. But I might have forgotten underwear. Bye!”

Miley has never made clear what her issue is with her dad, if there is one, but she did say in a Hulu special last summer that they have “wildly different” relationships to “fame and success.”

Also February 2024: Us Weekly first reports Tish “stole” Purcell from Noah

Miley’s speech perhaps prompted someone to finally leak the craziest element of the Cyrus feud to the tabloids. According to a source who talked to Us Weekly, “Noah was seeing Dominic when Tish started pursuing him. Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her.”

Another source told People, “Noah and Dominic were seeing each other in a friends with benefits way, off and on. They stopped seeing each other and then Tish started something up. Tish knew he had been seeing Noah.”

March 2024: The tabloids pull Miley into the fray

More alleged details are pouring out of anonymous sources. According to one source in the Daily Mail, Tish had armed guards outside the wedding to keep Noah from attending. Other sources in TMZ allege Miley had no idea any of this was going on, while some in Us Weekly say she did and simply took her mom’s side. The only thing the tabloids can agree on is that no one is making up anytime soon.

“Miley believes the family rift is beyond repair at this time,” a source told Us Weekly. “Miley’s devastated her family’s been torn apart.”

No one in the family has directly commented on the situation, and neither has Purcell, who really has the most to answer for here. To end on a happier note: Noah is now engaged to a fashion designer named Pinkus. The two were last seen hanging out together at Paris Fashion Week, far away from Malibu.

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