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How This Model Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Kofi @kofmotivation / Courtesy of Micaéla Verrelien

Responding to emails is kind of a chore, but they’re delightful when they’re with Micaéla Verrelien. The fashion blogger and model has a sunny disposition and is always game to talk about her beauty philosophy. “Beauty works hand in hand with confidence. I grew up in a household where I was always told that I was beautiful, and I believed it,” she says. “I thank my Caribbean mother for that, because we live in a world where people believe that girls with my complexion are not what beauty looks like.”

For Verrelien, confidence comes first and a great skin-care routine follows. “The biggest skin issue that I have dealt with, and I’m still dealing with is discoloration. I’m hoping that getting monthly silk peels will help fix that. I recently did one, and it has worked wonders, so I’ll see how it works after doing it for six months straight.”

Her other concern is follow-through. “I hate getting home late and not being in the mood to wash my face. You want to wipe off all of your makeup, but you’re just so tired.” With that in mind, her nighttime routine is quick, simple, and delivers results. Take a look below.

The Pads

“I usually wear eyeliner if I am wearing makeup, and the best makeup remover for eyelids especially, is Almay eyelid makeup pads. With one swipe, this pad will remove any eye makeup that you have on. It also does not dry out your eye lids. It does not have any bad odors nor does it sting your eyes. Any time my pads are almost done, I get upset because I love them so much.”

The Double Cleanse

“I do a double cleanse. To remove my foundation and clear my skin of all of the makeup from the day, I use this. It also moisturizes your skin. Many liquid makeup removers dry out the skin, but this one doesn’t. I’ve used this makeup remover for a very long time.”

“I follow up by washing my face with a cleanser that makes me feel refreshed. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I love it. This facial cleanser removes any dirt and or makeup that you my have not been able to get out from your first wash. Most days, I don’t wear makeup, so I want to make sure that on days like this that my face is very fresh and clean. It’s also helped my face to feel as soft as a baby’s bottom, and honestly — that’s the best feeling ever.”

The Moisturizer

“This is my favorite night moisturizer. I tend to use this at night as it is a bit heavy. I add as much as I want on my face and then wake up with very moisturized skin. During the winter time, it is important to give your skin as much moisture as you can, even if you have oily skin.”

The Balm

“I add a bit of balm to my lips at night to make sure I wake up with soft lips. That way during the day, even if you don’t add gloss to your lips, your lips are still hydrated. My favorite balm is from Glossier. It is called Birthday Balm dotcom. It smells like a cake and it keeps my lips feeling super super soft.”

How This Model Gets Her Skin So Good