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39 Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching (it’s May 10!), and it feels especially fraught this year. Sending a gift can’t compare to being there in person, but it’s still a good way to make your mom happy in the middle of a stressful time. Below, we’ve rounded up 39 Mother’s Day gift ideas for all sorts of moms. Scroll ahead to shop our favorites, all of which are nice enough to please her but not so pricey that you’ll go into credit card debt.

For the Mom Who Likes to Treat Herself

You can’t get her a gift certificate to a spa this year, but she can always relax at home with this jade roller.

For the Mom Who Loves Shiny Things

A delicate necklace that can be worn every day or used to jazz up a special dress.

For the Hands-on Mom

A smooth, rich hand cream that doubles as an art object.

For the Eco-Conscious Mom

Her footprint will literally be more green since this shoe is made from overstock and recycled materials.
Available in sizes 5–11.

For the Mom Who’s an Angel

A pretty, lightweight dress that will be welcome once the weather gets superhot.
Available in sizes XXS–XL

For the Mom Who Believes in Being Prompt

A fancy watch with a smattering of diamonds will keep her on schedule.

For the Mom Who Loves Lipstick

There’s nothing more luxurious than Hermès’s first-ever lipstick, especially in their signature red, Rouge Casaque.

For the Mom Who’s Always Running Out of Hand Soap

For the Mom Who Needs a New Bag

Sleek but roomy enough to fit whatever she’s carrying with her.

For the Mom Who Lives in Jeans

Even if she has a wardrobe full of jeans, she’ll appreciate a fresh pair of 7’s.
Available in sizes 23–34.

For the Mom Who Loves the Color Red

Practical but sleek, these ballet flats will never go out of style.
Available in sizes 5–11.

For the Mom Who Loves Details

You can’t really go wrong with Happy Socks, which offers all sorts of fun and stylish color combinations.

For the Mom Who’s Always Buying Fruit


This well-priced modern stoneware bowl would look perfect filled with apples.

$35 at Macy's
with code: FORYOU

For the Mom Who Loves Fancy Cookware

Ninety-three percent of reviewers gave this set five stars, with several noting that the pieces look like art.

For the Mom With a Green Thumb

Regardless if she’s an expert in the garden or not, she’ll be growing her own herbs in no time with this self-watering kit.

For the Mom Who Loves Eileen Fisher

A pretty, lightweight marigold dress that will be welcome once the weather gets superhot.
Available in sizes 1X–3X.

For the Mom Who Loves Mimosas

If you can’t drink a mimosa with your mom this Mother’s Day, send her this mood-lifting candle of the same name that smells like spring in the south of France.

For the Mom Who’s Tired of Washing Her Hands

Help break up the monotony of endless handwashing with a fancy formula that leaves a heavenly scent of bergamot and pear even after you rinse.

For the Effortlessly Elegant Mom

She loves shawls because of the effortlessly stylish “I just threw this on” look.
Available in one size.

For the Mom Who Loves to Stand Out

It’s not cheap, but it’s lovely and high-quality — worth teaming up with a sibling or two to buy it.
Available in sizes 14–20.

For the Mom who (Literally) Burns Through Scented Candles

Keep her well stocked with this candle subscription company that offers three different plans: once a month, once every two months, or, if she’s the slow and steady type, every three months.

For the Mom Who Loves Her Slow Cooker

The Wonderbag is a specially insulated bag that lets you slow-cook meals in a more environmentally friendly way. All you have to do is bring whatever you’re making to a boil and place in the bag, and it’ll keep cooking until you’re ready to eat.

For the Mom Getting Into Bathing Culture

Help her break into a solid bath routine with this coconut milk powder that guarantees soft skin.

For the Mom Who Is Very Chill

Maybe she already owns Birkenstocks — but does she own them in coral?
Available in sizes 5–10.5

For the Mom Who’s All About Robe Life

She’ll love lounging in it while catching up on her favorite TV shows.
Available in sizes 1X–4X.

For the Mom Who Wants a Non-Black Bag

A hobo in pale pink is a nice warm-weather upgrade from all of her dark totes.

For the Mom Who Loves Candy

A box of soap that looks like rainbow wafers.

For the Classic Mom

This green lily-of-the-valley fragrance smells as evergreen as it is.

For the No-Makeup-Makeup Mom

A simple but rich moisturizer to keep her comfortable in her skin.

For the Mom With a Better Shelfie Than You

Artis makes fancy brushes, and this is one of the largest and most dense. It’ll make applying everything from body lotion to foundation suddenly feel luxurious.

For the Mom Who Appreciates Fancy Pottery

This whimsical tumbler is great for cold drinks but can also double as a vase.

For the Mom Who Loves a Well-Set Table

These painted plates are kinda wacky and probably won’t match anything else she owns, but that’s the charm.

For the Mom Who Loves Trying New Products

A “travel set” is the perfect way to try a luxury skin-care line, like this one created by a cellular biologist.

For the Eco-Conscious Mom

Is she trying to eliminate single-use plastic from her life? She’ll love these reusable straws.

For the Mom Exploring K-Beauty

A super-moisturizing face mask to help her understand the hype around Korean beauty.

For the Mom Who Loves Cashmere

A soft, soft sweater in a happy bubblegum shade.
Available in sizes XXXS–3X.

For the Mom Who Loves Comfy Shoes

These have retro appeal without being overly trendy.
Available in sizes 5–12.5.

For the Mom Who Needs a New Coat


In classic navy or bright pink, a waterproof trench coat will take her through unpredictable spring weather.

For the Mom Who Loves a Personal Touch

This gold-meets-pink combo is nice, but there’s other color options to choose from to make your mom happy.

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39 Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget