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12 Cool Moto Jackets in Size 12 and Up

Finding a good plus-size moto jacket has been a challenge in the past. Despite how trendy it is, clunky cuts and cheap fabrics like plastic have plagued our racks for far too long. Thankfully things have changed and we may finally be getting our sartorial dues. Below, jackets that will make you feel bad, except in a good way.

The Best Faux Option in Black

It’s versatile, cute and just under $60. You can’t beat that.

Because You Love Acne Studios

The modern boyish cut gives it that Scandinavian cool vibe.

The Classic, Affordable Option

This real leather jacket goes with everything (and costs half as much as a Schott).

A Chic Alternative to Black

The perfect complement to wine-stained lips.

When You’re Really Feeling Spring

Pale blue faux suede is nice and lightweight after a winter spent in all-black.

When You Want Something Flashy

“Dark Champagne” faux leather on a beer budget.

An All-Black Option

Because color is highly overrated.

When You Want Genuine Leather

Ain’t nothing like the real thing — especially when it’s on sale.

Because You Still Love Pink

The most popular millennial color isn’t going anywhere.

The Non-Boring Neutral

Rich camel suede is stunning and goes with everything in your closet.

The One You Can Wear Year-Long

Forest green is especially timely in the fall but you can lighten it up in the spring by mixing in pastels.

The Eye-Catching Option

Red has been a trendy color both on and off the runway and this one looks especially luxurious.

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12 Cool Moto Jackets in Size 12 and Up