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A Handy Guide to Neptune in Astrology

Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images

Astrologers are in a serious, long-distance (2.8 billion miles from Earth, to be exact) relationship with Neptune. This planet plays a major role in astrology. So what does it mean? And what does it mean for you personally? Well, my friend, look no further. Below is your comprehensive guide to all things Neptune.

First, what does Neptune symbolize in astrology?

Fantasy, illusion, and delusion, which is quite fitting for a planet that has no surface whatsoever. Neptune’s thick atmosphere (believed to be hydrogen, helium, and methane) surrounds a scalding stew of “icy” chemicals (water, methane, ammonia) — bizarre, contradictory conditions that perfectly capture Neptune’s astrological significance.

Neptune governs the mystical realm. Named after the god of the sea (Poseidon is his counterpart in Greek mythology), Neptune governs dreams, psychic powers, and creative pursuits with an emphasis on photography, film, and the entertainment industry. And, unlike the “personal planets” (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) that impact our day-to-day life, Neptune is an outer planet considered “generational” or “transpersonal” because it influences long-term experiences as well as entire epochs.

Neptune’s sprawling influence is a byproduct of its incredibly long orbit — it takes Neptune 165 years to move across the entire zodiac, which means no living human will ever experience Neptune’s complete cycle. So when working with Neptune, we explore this planet as it moves through each individual zodiac sign (approximately 14-year increments), defining its influence on a specific moment in time.

Since 2011, Neptune has been slowly drifting through Pisces, which modern astrologers (present company included) refer to as its “domicile” (a.k.a. its home base). This means that, for the past 12 years, Neptune has been, well, thriving. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is associated with intuition, artistry, and spirituality, which pairs perfectly with Neptune’s own ethereal nature.

Next up, Neptune will move into Aries (from 2025 to 2039). Aries is a fire sign associated with passion, impulsivity, and determination, so this will be a very different manifestation of Neptune’s energy. (Fun fact: Neptune hasn’t occupied Aries since the mid-1800s.) We should expect Neptune in Aries to help us break down oppressive structures by any means necessary. Emerging from the haze of Neptune in Pisces, our intentions, will, and goals will be clearer during Neptune in Aries, empowering us to challenge systems and pioneer much-needed innovation. We love to see it!

What does Neptune mean for you?

Neptune placement reveals your innate connection to spirituality, mysticism, creativity, and divinity. Our Neptune placement exposes how we dissolve structures, systems, limiting beliefs — anything that stands in the way of accessing true transcendence.

Because Neptune moves so incredibly slowly, I’ve found that it’s best to interpret Neptune’s personal influence by House (as opposed to zodiac sign). By identifying which House Neptune occupies in your birth chart (the Houses represent different areas of life), you can see how this energy shows up in your day-to-day experiences. Just download the TimePassages app for iPhone or Android (it’s my favorite astro app!) or visit to find where Neptune lives in your birth chart.

Once you’ve discovered Neptune’s location in your life, use the list below to explore its powerful influence. Neptune’s position shows how you experience spirituality, how to harness your intuition, where you may feel compelled to avoid or ignore certain responsibilities, and even access points to your highest levels of creative potential. By discovering the placement of your Neptune, you can learn how to work with the mystical potential that lives within you: How do you enter a flow state? Or more deeply connect with your inner-knowing? Or access wells of deep, universal compassion that can make the world a better place? That’s Neptune, baby.

Neptune through the Houses:

  • Neptune in the First House: Intuition through identity and personal freedom
  • Neptune in the Second House: Intuition through resources and values
  • Neptune in the Third House: Intuition through communication and culture
  • Neptune in the Fourth house: Intuition through family and generational healing
  • Neptune in the Fifth House: Intuition through artistic expression and romance
  • Neptune in the Sixth House: Intuition through physical health and daily habits
  • Neptune in the Seventh House: Intuition through partnership and contracts
  • Neptune in the Eighth House: Intuition through metaphysics and memories
  • Neptune in the Ninth House: Intuition through travel and philosophy
  • Neptune in the Tenth House: Intuition through career and legacy
  • Neptune in the Eleventh House: Intuition through community and technology
  • Neptune in the Twelfth House: Intuition through meditation and solitude

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A Handy Guide to Neptune in Astrology