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This Week’s Sex Diary: The Art-Museum Worker Sleeping With a Married Couple

Photo-Illustration: Marylu Herrera

This week, a woman tries to focus on work while exchanging sexts with a couple she met on Feeld: 26, single, New York.


10 a.m. Wake up after sleeping in. It’s my day off. Before I get out of bed, I take a beat to look through my texts from last night. Earlier in the day, I matched with a woman named Selena on Feeld, and things moved quickly. We started chatting, and she mentioned she and her husband would be interested in meeting up. She connected us all over text, and we started talking about our other sexual experiences and desires. Eventually, we started trading fun photos. They’re both really attractive and seem cool — I hope we end up seeing each other IRL.

Noon. Selena texts. She asks if I’m around tonight and offers to pick me up from the city. I’m surprised they have a car, but she explains that they live in Queens, hate the subway, and love to drive everywhere. Works for me! I say I’ll be ready to go.

2 p.m. Texting with Selena. I tell her I’m open to something happening tonight, but no pressure or expectations. She feels the same. I’m really excited.

I had two great threesomes in college, and after a string of hot hookups, got into a long-term relationship where the sex was pretty boring. I’ve been single for a few years and have been on Feeld for about a year. This will be the third couple I’ve met on the app. I’m really hoping I get along with Selena and Ben!

4 p.m. Instead of doing my laundry and grocery shopping, I go to a late lunch with my good friend X. It’s a nearby Japanese-American spot, and it’s overpriced but delicious.

6 p.m. Go home to begin my pre-date routine, complete with lavender body scrub, makeup, and hair.

8 p.m. Selena texts to say they’re here. Just on time. God, I’m nervous! She’s waiting outside the car. She hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, and I slide in the back with her. Ben, who is driving, greets me warmly. Immediately, I feel very relaxed and at home with them.

8:15 p.m. We’re all chitchatting on the drive to their place. They opened the marriage a few years ago when Selena realized she also liked women. They’ve been together for 15 years and are really open, warm, and funny people. Both are super-attractive. Ben is soft spoken with a deep voice and a beard; I know from yesterday’s photos that he has a big penis. Selena is very pretty with long brown hair and a curvy body. They both have great smiles.

8:30 p.m. Get to their house. It’s a nice place in Queens with a driveway so we don’t have to mess around with parking. Inside, they offer me margaritas, and we sip on our drinks and chat. Then we head to the couch and split a joint. We’re all getting along so well — I can already tell that while they’re very fun and kinky, they’re also very considerate and communicative.

9 p.m. A lot of knee touching eventually turns to some kissing and we move to their bedroom. When we stand, Selena gently takes my jaw and turns my face toward her husband so he can kiss me. In the bedroom, we all make out for a while. Then I go down on Selena. Eventually, Ben starts to fuck me from behind. He spanks me a little, which I enjoy.

9:45 p.m. We all get off and are worn out. I Uber home, totally blissed out.


10 a.m. I miraculously arrive on time for work. I work in an art museum doing administration and development — basically, I have to deal with a lot of donors and paperwork. I get a good breakfast from the nearby halal cart: lamb, egg, and cheese on a roll. Hot coffee. My guys know my order by heart. I adore them.

1 p.m. Selena texts me: “We’re both happy with last night and want to make it happen again.”

4 p.m. Work isn’t too busy. I love my co-workers and enjoy being surrounded by art that inspires me, but I keep getting flashbacks from last night — I feel so out of place being wholesome and professional!

9 p.m. Still texting Selena. I tell her I want to be treated like her “little slut” the next time I see her. I always internally scream before I send a text like that, but she immediately asks if I’m free tomorrow. I say “yes.” They’re going to make it work and will confirm in the morning.


10 a.m. I’m running late to work but decide to pick up flowers for my co-worker M’s birthday.

Noon. Selena confirms for tonight. She then sends me an audio message and says it’s NSFW. I go to the private bathroom stall to listen to it. She asks what color lingerie I want her to wear tonight. Purple, please …

1 p.m. My colleagues and I call M to the lobby under the pretense of a work issue. It’s a total prank, and she looks nervous as we stand there gravely. As she approaches, we pull out her birthday bouquet. She loves it!

6:30 p.m. Back home, prepping for the date.

8 p.m. Ben and Selena pick me up. On the way to their place, we talk about spending time together outside of the bedroom. I’m up for it, and they invite me to a party at one of their friends’ places in a few weeks. We also talk about maybe going on a weekend trip together. I tell them I snore, and they both laugh — Ben also snores like a monster, apparently.

8:30 p.m. Back at their place. Selena changes while Ben and I have a drink. Selena comes out and looks amazing: She’s in a lavender lingerie set with a linen robe. I didn’t know I was into lingerie until now … I immediately start running my hands over her body and kissing her. I laugh at myself for going too fast.

11 p.m. You know what’s a major ego booster? Two people moaning for you at the same time. I will never forget tonight: At one point, Selena was using a dildo on me while Ben was talking dirty to me. I’ll probably think about that for the rest of my life.


10 a.m. It’s a work-from-home day. My team is required to attend a Zoom training on sexual harassment. I do it from bed and keep my camera off.

Noon. I feel like crap. My body hurts. At first, I thought it was from all the roughhousing last night, but maybe I’m getting sick. I order myself a big bowl of soup and lie around in bed.

3 p.m. No improvement.

8 p.m. Run a hot bath and add a few eucalyptus-oil drops to the tub. Then I get into bed with my heated blanket. I still feel like shit.

9 p.m. Fall asleep in my fluffy robe. I feel like a princess.


8 a.m. Take a sick day and stay my ass home. I heat up my soup from yesterday and queue up a comfort movie. National Treasure?

11 a.m. I have moved on to National Treasure 2. I swear, these movies made so much sense to me as a kid. Why are they putting lemon juice on ancient parchment? Do your thing, Diane Kruger.

3 p.m. I’m in and out of naps. I’m texting with Selena — she checks on how I’m feeling, and we share our favorite moments from the other night. She asks when they can see me again. I say I’m gonna need a few days.

8 p.m. I’ve been in my bathrobe all day. Selena asks to see what’s underneath. I send her a hot mirror nude.

10 p.m. I go for an evening walk to pick up a few things and I instantly feel refreshed.


10 a.m. Back to work. It’s freezing this morning, and I’m wearing my favorite earmuffs. I send a selfie to Selena, and we make plans to see each other again tomorrow.

2 p.m. I have to make a work call to a wealthy donor. These calls are either the chillest experience ever or a nightmare. Usually the latter, and I need a 20-minute cigarette break afterward.

2:30 p.m. The donor is super-chill. Thank God!

7 p.m. Off work. I’m having fun in our group chat with my favorite married lovers — we’re all taking turns sending photos back and forth. I have a heart-shaped bruise on my ass from the last time we were together, and I send them a photo. They love it. Sometimes I get self-conscious about my own photos, but I feel very secure and open with them.

10 p.m. I go to sleep excited to wake up tomorrow.


10 a.m. Trying to handle donation reallocations while fielding sexts from Selena and Ben. We’re meeting up again tonight but I tell them I want to take it easy because I’m recovering from a cold.

1 p.m. After a day of work calls, I am literally about to burst. How am I supposed to care about rich people’s tax breaks when I’m this distracted?

6 p.m. I haul ass home and jump in the shower. I commit to doing my hair and makeup even though I’m tired. I get excited but jittery before dates. I place my hand flat on my chest and rub slow circles while I take deep breaths. I like them and want to be as present as possible.

8 p.m. They’re on time to pick me up, as usual.

9 p.m. Back at their place, and we’re drinking margaritas and chatting. Today, Selena and I play dress up: We put on thigh-high pantyhose and some lingerie. She has a ton of sexy clothes, unlike me. I realize Selena and I wear the same perfume.

10 p.m. Feeling pretty sleepy so I decide to call it a night. I Uber home after kissing them both goodbye. I knock out immediately, ready to see them again soon.

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The Art-Museum Worker Sleeping With a Married Couple