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Barbz, Your New Spring Sneaker Is Here

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If you’ve already found yourself digging into your wallet for Nicki Minaj tour tickets, dig again. The rapper created 11 pairs of sustainable sneakers in a new partnership with the luxury British brand LØCI, which Nicky announced on her Instagram last week before wearing a pair of the sneakers to a Knicks game week. The sneakers were bubblegum pink (her signature color) with white soles, LØCI’s logo, and completed with Nicki’s face on the tongue of the shoe.

The pink sneakers are one of 11 designs launching later this month. Other colors combos include pink and brick red, royal blue and white, and pink and black. When she’s not in heels, Nicki is usually in a trendy pair of sneakers, now her pair will be the new trendy sneakers. LØCI sneakers aren’t just any pair; the $200 shoes’ brand is known for using next-gen materials, including bio-leather and recycled ocean plastic.

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The Pink Friday rapper made it clear that she isn’t collaborating with the brand, instead it’s a partnership and she’s an owner of the British sustainable brand. All of the designs will be available on April 12. Barbz have already crashed the brand’s site to sign up for early access, and launch day will probably be no different. Our advice? Gear up for a competitive release that’ll likely sell out. May the best Barbz win.

Photo: Retailer
Barbz, Your New Spring Sneaker Is Here