Megan Thee Stallion Is the Trainer We Wish We Had

Photo: Nike/Nike

The Hot Girl Coach is back and she’s all about balance. In a new ad for Nike, Megan Thee Stallion steps in as the trainer and wellness coach we all wish we had.

When one woman is about to give up on side squats during a workout, Megan pops up. “I know you’re not about to quit now,” she says, adding: “Do you wanna be cheeked up or do you wanna be sleeped up?” When another woman’s phone won’t stop going off while she’s on a walk, Megan appears, saying, “Do not let them stress you out” before summoning Nike holistic breath coach Bianca Harris to help with some breathing exercises. In another scene, a woman goes back and forth about whether to drink a green juice or eat some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Naturally, Megan — who has a brand deal with Flamin’ Hot — materializes out of thin air and tells her, “It’s giving both.”

The ad is the latest rollout for Megan’s partnership with Nike. In February, the brand released its collaboration with the rapper, featuring sneakers, leggings, shirts, sports bras, bodysuits, and jackets.

Megan has talked extensively about her own mental-health struggles, saying she’s dealt with anxiety and depression, especially in the wake of her mother’s death and following the abuse she faced after speaking out about Tory Lanez shooting her in the foot. In September, she launched Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too, an online hub of mental-health resources, including hotlines and contact information for organizations offering free therapy.

“I’m just here to remind you to love on yourself,” she says in her Nike ad. “Focus on your wellness and quiet the haters.” Will do, coach.

Megan Thee Stallion Is the Trainer We Wish We Had