What Is the ‘Part of Fortune’ in Astrology?

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What if I said there’s a spot in your birth chart that will tell you everything you need to know about luck? Abundance? Prosperity? Well, there is, and it’s called the “Part of Fortune,” naturally. This ancient, esoteric point reveals hidden talents and is sometimes referred to as your astrological pot of gold. Sounds amazing, right? Read on for everything you need to know about the Part of Fortune.

What is the Part of Fortune?

Unlike the planets we track in astrology, or even the lesser-known asteroids, the Part of Fortune isn’t a physical object. In other words, it doesn’t actually exist. The Part of Fortune — sometimes also referred to as the Lot of Fortune or Pars Fortuna — is a special mathematical point derived from a calculation based on your Sun, moon, and rising signs (known colloquially as the Big Three). The Part of Fortune is one of dozens of ancient mathematically derived placements known as the “Arabic Parts”; the others have faded into obscurity.

What does the Part of Fortune symbolize?

The Part of Fortune reveals how we can access the most luck, abundance, and material success. It’s a sensitive placement that, when activated, can generate incredible opportunities. It can be activated through transits (that is, planets in the sky moving across the area the Part of Fortune occupies), through aspects (the meaningful angles other planets in your birth chart make to the Part of Fortune), or simply by embodying the energy of that sign (for example, if your Part of Fortune is in Leo, tapping into your creativity and performative nature will yield auspicious happenings).

Because the Part of Fortune is a custom fit for your Big Three, its placement reveals the exact special blend of energy you need to live out your most Lucky Girl™ life. This is more powerful than doom-scrolling through ManifestationTok, though — if you can incorporate your Part of Fortune energy into your daily life, whether by way of your career, relationships, or general disposition, you’re likely to experience tremendous growth that is both fulfilling and sustainable.

Keep in mind that unlocking the magic of your Part of Fortune, like anything in your birth chart, requires serious focus, discipline, and patience. Our birth charts unfold over our entire lives, which means we’re constantly learning how to work with the energy to access our full potential. By incorporating the wisdom of your Part of Fortune into your consciousness, you’ll be able to harness your innate gifts and all of the amazing opportunities they yield. I mean, at the end of the day, that’s what fortune is all about — right?

How do I calculate the Part of Fortune on my birth chart?

Easy peasy: You can just look for it in your birth chart; the symbol for the Part of Fortune is a circle with an X in the middle. (Don’t have a natal chart yet? Enter your date, time, and place of birth on TimePassages, my favorite app for rendering birth charts, or the website Or if you want to cut right to the chase, you can use this extraordinarily convenient Part of Fortune calculator to find yours.

The zodiac sign your Part of Fortune occupies will reveal the best way to channel luck, fortune, and abundance. For example, if your Part of Fortune is located in fiery Aries, diving headfirst into new passion projects can be incredibly lucrative. Alternatively, if your Part of Fortune is in meticulous Virgo, you’ll find the most success when you’re thorough, thoughtful, and detail oriented. By embracing the energy of your Part of Fortune sign, you’ll be in alignment with exciting new opportunities that feel like hitting the cosmic jackpot.

Here’s what you need to tap into to access this abundance based on your Part of Fortune sign:

  • Part of Fortune in Aries: Abundance through spontaneity and initiation
  • Part of Fortune in Taurus: Abundance through investments and logic
  • Part of Fortune in Gemini: Abundance through curiosity and variety
  • Part of Fortune in Cancer: Abundance through safety and sensitivities
  • Part of Fortune in Leo: Abundance through performance and theatricality
  • Part of Fortune in Virgo: Abundance through organization and thoughtful planning
  • Part of Fortune in Libra: Abundance through partnership and collaborations
  • Part of Fortune in Scorpio: Abundance through strategy and intuition
  • Part of Fortune in Sagittarius: Abundance through exploration and adventure
  • Part of Fortune in Capricorn: Abundance through discipline and wisdom
  • Part of Fortune in Aquarius: Abundance through innovation and rebellion
  • Part of Fortune in Pisces: Abundance through creativity and manifestation

Next, you’ll want to identify which astrological house the Part of Fortune occupies in your birth chart. As a quick refresher, your birth chart is divided into 12 sections, each of which represents a distinctive area of life. By identifying the house in which your Part of Fortune dwells, you’ll be able to see where this auspicious energy expresses itself. For example, a Part of Fortune in the Seventh House will be realized through interpersonal relationships and contracts — whereas if your Part of Fortune is in the Ninth House, it may express itself best through learning, traveling, and expanding your cultural horizons.

Find out how the Part of Fortune expresses itself in your chart using the following House keywords:

  • Part of Fortune in the First House: Identity, presence, sense of self
  • Part of Fortune in the Second House: Stability, material possessions, self-worth
  • Part of Fortune in the Third House: Friendship, peers, local connections
  • Part of Fortune in the Fourth House: Home, family, origin story
  • Part of Fortune in the Fifth House: Creativity, pleasure, joy
  • Part of Fortune in the Sixth House: Routines, wellness, daily experiences
  • Part of Fortune in the Seventh House: Partnerships, contracts, external dynamics
  • Part of Fortune in the Eighth House: Depth, memories, psychology
  • Part of Fortune in the Ninth House: Discovery, exploration, expansion
  • Part of Fortune in the Tenth House: Legacy, reputation, career
  • Part of Fortune in the 11th House: Humanitarianism, technology, social justice
  • Part of Fortune in the 12th House: Intuition, healing, psychic experiences

So if you’ve been twiddling your thumbs waiting for Lady Luck to drop by for an overdue visit, look no further than the Part of Fortune. By identifying what your Part of Fortune occupies on your birth chart (by way of both zodiac sign and astrological house), you’ll be able to tap into the innate skills that make you a magnet for abundance and prosperity. And I think we can all agree that’s much better than buying a lottery ticket.

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