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How This Photographer Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Kanya Iwana

Kanya Iwana’s first introduction to a skin-care routine began at her local drugstore. “I’d just pick whatever had the cutest packaging at CVS,” says the L.A.-based photographer and creative director who has shot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Noah Cyrus.

Iwana stills turns to some drugstore products, like her go-to Neutrogena wipes, but she now shops with a specific focus in mind: Hydration. “My skin has always been so dry, but I grew up in Indonesia, where it’s really humid. Now I live in L.A., and the air really doesn’t help with the dryness,” she explains. “I am so attracted to that ‘glow’ look, though, so I try to achieve that on a daily basis.” Oils and serums have been her go-tos. She uses “thick stuff” like castor oil for problem areas, like the tip of her forehead and under her nose. Below, a look at her four morning essentials for a fresh and moisturized complexion.

The Wipes

“I’ve used these wipes for as long as I could remember. I always prefer wipes over bottles and cotton because it’s more practical when I’m on the go. It’s really fresh, and even though I have dry skin, it doesn’t scratch it.”

The Scrub

“Okay — this scrub is simply the best I’ve found, and I’ve dabbled with a lot. Several different people have recommended Noto Botanics to me, so I just dove into it. I’ve also worked with Gloria Noto, the creator of the brand, and she is one of the most amazing make-up artists. This wakes me up in the morning for sure. It has a hint of peppermint, which is so refreshing. It also has blood orange oil, which is a great anti-inflammatory. The texture is sandlike, but not as rough of course — it really just feels like you’re getting stuff worked on! I highly recommend it!”

The Serum

“I’ve always been really curious about serums but never found one that was within my price range or that I was super interested in. This product is so rad. It smells fresh as hell, and it feels amazingly smooth. You feel instantly hydrated. The orange zest scent is just dope. I love walking around smelling it like it. I also like applying it on my neck and collar-bone area. Sometimes I like to mix it with calendula oil-based moisturizer too, but I’ve just been putting a nice thin wash of this serum equally all over my face.”

The Mist

“I’ve also been using this product for a minute. I saw the supercute pink rose color and sprayed the teaser at an Urban Outfitters counter. In the summer, I’d just carry this with me everywhere and would spray it onto my face when it started getting too hot.”

How This Photographer Gets Her Skin So Good