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The 15 Best Puffer Jackets You Can Buy Right Now

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

When the windchill is below freezing and it’s expected to snow for two days straight, chances are you’re not going to reach for that sophisticated wool coat. Times like this call for something much more heavy-duty, and there’s nothing like being wrapped up like a cozy burrito in a puffer jacket.

High-end brands such as Moncler and Woolrich are famous for their puffers, but you don’t need to drop hundreds for a jacket equally worthy of attention. Scroll below to shop 15 of the most fun puffer jackets out there, from Aritzia’s cult favorite (it comes in so many colors!) to a bargain find from Mango.

If You Want Something Oversize

Perfectly oversize, this water-repellent coat looks way pricier than it is and comes with a built-in scarf. It has spacious pockets and plenty of room for extra layers.

If You Love a Classic

Ask anyone where they get their winter essentials and they’ll recommend Uniqlo. If you’re stocking up on Heattech, grab one of the brand’s lightweight warm puffers. Lined with down, this jacket features a hood for extra warmth.

If You Don’t Want to Sacrifice Style

For the girls who refuse to give up their crop tops even in winter (same), the classic puffer is your best bet. This cropped jacket from the North Face sits right at the waist, and while it won’t be the warmest, you can still add on a few layers if you choose.

If You Love a Bargain

Sometimes you don’t want to pay a lot for a coat, and you don’t have to. This anorak from Mango has all the essential features (it’s water-repellent and warm), and it’s currently discounted.

For the Attention-Seeker

Available in black and brown, this high-shine puffer isn’t for the shy. The patent jacket comes equipped with a hoodie for warmth and a moisture-wicking lining to keep you dry whether you’re on your way back from the gym or just stuck on the subway.

If You Love a Good Collab

All the warmth of a coat from this Canadian brand combined with the coolness of a New York– and L.A.-based label makes for the perfect winter essential. With a blend of down and feather fill, this puffer can endure the coldest winter weather.

The Trendy One

You shouldn’t have to give up your leather jacket in favor of something warmer; this faux-leather puffer is a happy medium. Coming in five shades including classic black, this is one way to stay toasty while still looking cool.

The One No One Else Will Have

A little less practical but still a lot of fun, this embroidered puffer from Dime is one you won’t see on your morning commute. The sherpa camo coat isn’t water-repellent, but it is insulated, so you’ll be warm.

The Affordable Plus-Size Option

Cute and under $100, this puffer is lightweight and easy to layer. It’s available in four colors and patterns, and there’s one to suit every style, from this easy and minimal cream shade to a bold patterned green.

If You Want Something Bright

If neutrals are just not your thing, consider this vivid pink puffer. With a slightly oversize fit, the recycled jacket is an easy way to brighten up gloomy winters.

If You Want Something Cozy

This sherpa puffer is a fuzzier alternative to the standard nylon jacket. Not only does it look really good, the breathable option is perfect for weird-weather days.

If You Want a Wrap Coat

Reviewers love this puffer because it’s so flattering and cozy and provides some warmth. The wrap coat is made for layering over your winter looks and improving, not overpowering, them. You can grab it in three shades, including the standard black, and sizes up to 4XL.

The Fashion-Girl Puffer

Ganni is a favorite in the cool-girl wardrobe, and that includes puffers. This best-selling garment is super-spacious and bright enough to improve any look, even if you’re just throwing on sneakers and sweats.

The Fan Favorite

It’s not hard to see why this is such a favorite, beloved by models including Bella Hadid. The viral puffer comes in a number of styles and even more colors. Filled with responsibly sourced goose down, it’s water-repellent and wind-resistant.

The Bougie Puffer Jacket

If you have a limitless budget and want the absolute best, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more durable than Moncler. Made with lightweight ripstop and insulating goose down, it’ll keep you warm without feeling stuffy.

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