Sabrina Carpenter Has a Type

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Looks like Ayo Edebiri isn’t the only one on a Celtic kick this year. Sabrina Carpenter has reportedly been dating one bathtub-licking Barry Keoghan for a few months now. But as of this year’s Oscars, the pop star — much like the rest of the internet — seems to have her eyes on a second famous Irishman.

Though Carpenter and Keoghan attended Sunday night’s Vanity Fair after-party arm in arm, it was newly minted Oscar winner Cillian Murphy who ran away with the singer’s attention. Earlier in the evening, Murphy, the 47-year-old who hails from the suburb of Douglas in Cork, Ireland, took home the Best Actor award for his role in Oppenheimer. And when the VF social team asked what Carpenter would do if she saw Murphy fresh off his first win, the 24-year-old smiled and admitted she would probably follow him home.

“If I see Cillian Murphy, I’m probably going to leave the party. Probably just gonna leave with him,” she said. “I’m just going to leave at the same time as him so I can see where he lives. So I can, like, follow his car.”

Come Monday evening, Keoghan had added his own two cents — well, his two emoji — to the battle of the Irish, commenting “🙋🏻☘️” on VF’s Instagram post. Whether this was a statement of Irish pride, an insistence that Keoghan is the only Irishman for Carpenter, or an attempt at an invitation to be their third is anyone’s guess. Of course, Murphy has been happily married to his wife, Yvonne McGuinness, for 20 years, and Barry was recently spotted all googly-eyed at Carpenter’s opening performance for Taylor Swift in Singapore, according to People, so we can probably chalk this one up to an innocent case of fangirling.

Sabrina Carpenter Has a Type