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The Woman Who Sexts Her Husband When She Gets Stressed

Photo-Illustration: James Gallagher

This week, a working mother who spends all day looking forward to sex with her husband: 36, married, New Jersey.


7 a.m. It’s still dark out. My husband leaves early to avoid working in the sun for long hours. He works outside all day with his hands and sweat and body then comes home to mow the grass and work on his truck. He can do anything.

9 a.m. I wake up and text him, “good morning and i love you.” It’s been five years but we both still like hearing it. We text all day every day, about nothing and everything.

2 p.m. I’m back in the office again now, part-time — I’m in the financial industry. We have three kids between us: one in high school, the other two in middle school. The older one watches the younger ones when they aren’t in camp or at school. I’m lucky I’m still working but I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I watch the bank accounts overdraft, then I watch my boss have zero cares in the world. The stress gives me anxiety and anxiety makes me horny. I start sexting my husband.

10 p.m. Chaos in the house like always: my kids, his kid, our dogs. But everyone gets fed and everyone is happy. Now it’s mom and dad time. Tonight ends with seven orgasms for me, and one for him. Unfair, I know. My anxiety and stress is gone.


1 p.m. He texts. His job is stressful today. I text back that the kids are fighting. It’s shaping up to be a stressful day for both of us.

4 p.m. My husband is on his way home. His stress level is max. He texts that he needs doggy tonight and humors me by saying he wants his dick sucked. I text back that the kids want Chick-fil-A and after that stop, I am all his. With all the kids, house, chores, and other shit, we both know that’s a lie.

11 p.m. Finally laying down. Too tired to do anything, but with a few kisses, he changes my mind. He goes down on me slowly; I come fast. I often wish he wasn’t that good or had some off nights because I am totally useless after he eats me out.


12 p.m. Sometimes the constant texting is stressful but I know he needs it. Well, we both do. I often ask him if he still loves me, even though I know the answer.

7 p.m. Gonna be a late day with the kids. Work was stressful for us both, but the kids want to ride four-wheelers and bikes. We do that until it is dark. He is so handsome and good with the kids. We grew up together, and had crushes we didn’t act on until much later, after each of our marriages fell apart. I’m so glad we did.

12 a.m. I ask him with my hands on his cock if he wants sex. The day wore him out. He is already asleep.


9 a.m. The weekend is coming and that is when we are kid-free. Around Thursday, every week, our sexting and horniness amplifies.

11:30 a.m. My boss comes in with bad news about a client not paying again. I get really anxious and stressed, and instantly need to be fucked hard.

5 p.m. I let my husband know I am on my way home, and I need some extra love and attention. He sends me a Snapchat of his dick in the shower. I beg him not to touch himself, to wait for me. I know he likes hearing that.

10:30 p.m. Kids are all quiet and fed. I want fingers in me and my titties sucked. He wants that too. He has made it his mission to make me come as many times as possible. I love that about him. I like it on these nights, we leave all the stress and anxiety of the day in our bed. I think about it a lot. How did I get this lucky? 


9:00 a.m. It’s Friday, and the last day we have the kids for the week. I get excited but sad they are leaving. They will all be back on Monday. I need a drink tonight.

10:30 a.m. I check into some online porn for a few hours off and on. I can only watch lesbian porn. I always say it is because the dick is too aggressive in porn, but maybe it’s just because I love oral. I text him and show him I’m watching. He says he’s watched a bit too today.

12 p.m. I tell him my drop-off-the-kids plan for tonight and demand a date. Nice little sushi bar a mile from our house. After all, it is nice to actually date when we are alone.

8 p.m. Kids are gone. Sushi is on the table and we laugh and drink for hours. He lets me be myself. I let him be himself. We still flirt with each other. We talk dirty, gossip, talk about the kids, friends, bills. And we drink.

11 p.m. Too drunk to fuck and too full to care.


7 a.m. I wake up early to let the dogs out. He sleeps in late for the first time in 5 days. He hates it when I leave him in the bed alone, but he needs the sleep.

11 a.m. I lay back down with him. He looks good and I tell him. He reaches over to rub on me, and within minutes it turns into a full blown passionate love session. I don’t really like fucking in the morning; I feel tired the whole day and feel dirty even after a shower. It turns out okay because I have three orgasms and fall back to sleep for hours.

6 p.m. Everything is done in the house, I cleaned and don’t want to cook. We order pizza and have beers already. He watches sports, I look at Instagram. No stress, no anxiety, just drinks, laughs, sports, and hanging out. Sometimes the less stress, the less sex, and I’m okay with that.


8:00 a.m. I wake up hungover and feeling bloated. We make plans for the day to see friends outside, drink, and eat. Kids are still gone until the morning so we make the most “adult” plans possible. We grew up in the same town; that’s how we know each other, and we still see friends from our home town, which is a few hours a way. He also plays baseball on the weekends with an adult team, but it’s an off week.

1 p.m. We agree to have an early night in and have plans to watch a movie and fuck.

11 p.m. I’m sore from sex, and anxiety for Monday morning is starting to set in. But the good news is, I’m already getting horny for more.

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The Woman Who Sexts Her Husband When She Gets Stressed