The Beauty Products Sheika Daley Uses To The Last Drop

Photo: Sheika Daley

It might be hard to believe, but makeup artist Sheika Daley’s skills are self-taught. While studying mathematical sciences at Florida A&M University, she fell in love with artistry. “It’s just something that I recognized that I had a passion for and have been doing it ever since,” the Kingston-born, Florida-raised artist says. She traces her initial interest back to watching her mom, a painter, growing up. “Since I wasn’t taught in a specific way, I’ve truly learned from every person I work with and every experience that I was given.”

When she isn’t painting the faces of our favorite celebrities or fulfilling her duties as a Lancôme ambassador, Daley is carving out time for her own self-care. “I was brought up learning you should put everyone before yourself, and take care of yourself last,” she shares. “I’ve learned that you can’t maintain greatness that way. You have to be a well-oiled machine in order to make it through what life has in store.”


Here, Daley’s a.m. routine:

7:00 – I wake up and immediately meditate. Then I check email and answer as many as I can handle in the morning. I make myself some coffee or a matcha with a dash of coconut milk. I also take a look at the morning news to see what’s happening in the world.

8:00 – I work out, usually training or running a couple of miles.

9:00 – In the shower, I rinse out the TPH by Taraji Overnight hair mask.
It’s the only product that I’ve ever used that works wonders on my hair. It gives ultra-hydration and replenishes it from the scalp to the ends. It’s my go to product for my natural hair maintenance. And after, I always moisturize with Jergens Melanin Glow Body Lotion. It leaves my body with a luxurious golden glow.

9:20 – Then, I do my skin-care routine, which includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from the Lancôme Absolue collection.

9:30 – For my everyday makeup, I always play up my lips, foundation, and lashes. Specifically, I wear the Elora Lane EL-05 Lashes. For complexion, I’m in love with the Danessa Myricks Skin Blurring Balm Foundation at the moment. It’s a one-and-done product and gets me out of the door quickly. For my lips, I’m currently loving the Rosebud Salve.


On confidence:

I’ve been blessed to have been in the presence of some of the most confident, iconic, fearless, courageous, and empowering women in the world. They have impacted me greatly on my road to finding self-confidence. You can’t be around that for as long as I have and not pick up on some of the magic along the way. The beauty industry has given me a voice I never had before.


On the beauty marketing ploy that makes her cringe:

Fake inclusivity.


On the beauty industry:

I’m proud to see the extensions in shade ranges. I hope that that same narrative trickles down to backstage and into the fashion world. It would be nice to see more Black artists given the opportunities to glam women of all colors. I feel that many other races are not put into a box of ability based on race. Black artists know how to work on all complexions. I feel like they should be given more opportunities and not just called when it’s time to glam a person of color.


On beauty trends:

I can’t stand baby hairs! But I love the ’90s homage to that caramel/chocolate liner lip with light colors. My favorite right now is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Intense 3.


On ingredients:

I try to stay away from products that have too much alcohol. They tend to dry the skin after repeated use. I’m all here for moisture. I especially love lactic acid on the skin, especially before a red carpet or event. Specifically, the Sunday Riley Good Genes one is a favorite.


On the beauty services she swears by:

Facials! They are a must. Also massages help too, especially with all the traveling. I like getting IV drips every month. Sometimes twice a month, depending on my schedule. It’s been a life-changer.


On her beauty routine when in a rush:

I must always have the Rosebud Salve lip balm on. I hate chapped lips, especially in the winter. It’s the worst. In general, skin care comes first. I can throw on a wig and put on great sunglasses and my skin will be the star!!


On her biggest beauty inspiration:

Pat McGrath is mother! Because of her, I knew I could become a makeup artist, too.

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