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18 Ways to Upgrade a Tiny Bathroom

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It’s like a law of the universe: every apartment, no matter how perfect, must have at least one fatal flaw, and it’s usually the bathroom. There’s just something about the small, tile-covered space that invites landlords and contractors to conspire against you, whether through questionably colored tile or a toilet at an odd angle to the wall.

If you rent your space, investing in a remodel may be off-limits. Something you can control, however, is how you decorate the space. From minimalist toothbrushes to wallpaper that transforms any wall to marble, there are plenty of touches that can help turn your cramped bathroom into a spa-like experience. Scroll through for 19 ideas that will work no matter your DIY prowess or price point.

If you like plants:

Air plants grow without being submerged in soil, and they thrive in steamy environments. Line a few up on your windowsill when you shower for easy plant care.

If keeping plants alive really isn’t your thing, try this incredibly realistic aloe bud.

If you’re looking to upgrade the little things:

Because you didn’t know you needed minimalist toothbrushes until now.

If you give a mouse some sleek toothbrushes, he’ll need a streamlined cup to go with.

We see your $60 candle and raise you $60 hand soap.

Does everything in your bathroom need to be gilded? No. Does it hurt? Also, no.

If you want to feel like you remodeled without actually remodeling:

Peel-n-stick wallpaper takes a little work to apply, but it’s still easier than shelling out for floor-to-ceiling marble tile.

$26 for 10

If your bathroom already features subway tile in some spots, this peel-and-stick option is probably easier than petitioning your landlord to finish the job.

Chances are, the medicine cabinet in your bathroom when you moved in could use an upgrade. Double doors and an exposed shelf make organizing easy.

For the most mirror square footage, try a medicine cabinet with end-to-end panels.

Clear shelving serves as a handy storage solution without cluttering up an already-small space.

If your 2019 resolution was to drill more holes, these shiny towel rods are a good place to start.

For a less invasive upgrade:

A slim cart helps keep extra shampoo bottles from crowding the window sill.

Make reaching for the shaving cream mid-shower that much easier.

Making the most of a small bathroom means maximizing the aesthetics of every piece you add to the space — including your toilet paper.

Clear construction and multiple stacking options mean you’ll never misplace your 25 identical-but-totally-different red lipsticks again.

If you can’t remember the last time you bought new towels:

You can’t go wrong with a beach-sized towel for your bathroom.

A four-pack of white towels is like the bathroom equivalent to a new set of white Hanes tees.

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18 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Tiny Bathroom